COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – DR will find 20 male and female dancers to perform on the stage at the B&W Halls for next years Eurovision Song Contest. Eurovision Chief Stage Director Kenneth Kreutzmann and Stage Director Vicky Leander will host an audition at the Danish Opera House where professional dancers from both Denmark and the rest of Europe can show their talent and maybe get the chance to perform at Eurovision.

The audition will take place on January 11th and the day after another audition will be held to find persons with other talents than classic dancing. At this audition DR will look for some professional people who can do something unique physical. It can be everything from break dancers, acrobats, parkour practitioners or “floorworkers”.

The scene instructors will have unique talents to perform at the semi finals and the grand final so they are looking for the best dancers in Europe to prove their worth. To register for the auditions sign up at