COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – The Danish singer, actress and tv host Christiane Schaumburg-Müller O’Connor confirms that she is one of the host candidates for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen.

In an interview with the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet she confirms that she has been to a casting at DR and according to her it went fantastic. She can give the show dance, comedy and singing. If she will host the competition with will be a glam-style show and she is ready to take the job. She don’t know when DR will announce the host, but she will have a busy spring with rehearsals for a show in Copenhagen from April to September and if she is chosen as the host it will be even more busy.

Since Emmelie de Forest won in Malmö Christiane has hoped that she would host the show. After the final last year she uploaded a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #hostnextyear