• Boiken Aidan 4 years ago

    A whole generation of lost identity! This is what I call my fellow Albanians who fear their own identity. Most of all, it is unhealthy to ‘convince’ the kids of a ‘lie’. Coming from Mexico and deny their right to recognize the family roots? Did she meet her grandparents in Italy just not to be ‘noticed’?? Honestly, I cannot justify why she could not come out for so long as being Albanian. Embarrassed, for what??? For being so pretty, with a wonderful voice and great/explosive personality??? You don’t trash your identity and then retrieve it as it suits you! My kids are not born in Albania, with a non-Albanian father but, trust me: For no reason will I ever allow that they deny half of their identity even if they decide to run for the president of United States. My kids can make their own choice of calling themselves Albanians or Americans or both. But, they cannot deny that their mother spoke, cooked, gave confidence, made them strong people, instilled the love for education, art, history JUST the ALBANIAN WAY!

  • Mareva Imvu 4 years ago

    Sounds like bullhist to me. She wanted to have a more exotic personality, and to be Greek-Albanian is by far exotic. Also it makes no sense because the music industry in Greece don’t judge women on their enthnicity, they judge based on how sexy they are lol.

  • Virgilios Antonis Hellenic Prekazis 4 years ago

    Just shows Greece is a racist dump.

  • Dritan Ikonomi 4 years ago

    or even Chinese?!