COLOGNE, GERMANY – The German band Elaiza, which will represent the country at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, has had a busy schedule lately as they prepare for the competition.

The band is currently living out of a suitcase, as they put it, travelling between Saarland where they live and Berlin where they are preparing for the contest.

Lead singer Ela says, “We still can’t imagine that our performance will be seen by millions of people from all over the globe. We are just delighted. And we will do our best. We don’t know yet what the other countries think of us”.

The band says there will be no special costumes or pyros on stage in Copenhagen but they add, “We haven’t seen the stage yet. We’re not afraid to perform. Of course, we wouldn’t like to finish last, that would be a pitty. But even then we would not be sitting at home desperately unhappy and unable to continue making music. There is nothing that would prevent us from being on the stage”.

Today, Elaiza released their new album entitled “Gallery”. It features twelve songs including their Eurovision entry “Is is right”. The other songs on the album are in the same genre as the Eurovision entry.

Last night Elaiza performed at the Echo Awards 2014. Video is expected soon!