The second set of rehearsals is on today and the is ready for a full review. We have our webcam on from the press center and YouTube is already full with videos. Junior Europrediction continues so share your votes with us and of course the latest news are available in our Russian section. Don’t forget Dmitry Koldun’s reviews and tweet us your comments.

Belarusian entrant was very excited today. He is confident on stage, the camera work seems efficient for this song, the vocals are strong, Egor fails to sing the high notes in the end. So everything looks good, then what’s the problem with this song? For me a song of this music style in the opening of Junior Eurovision has absolutely no chance to do anything. On the other hand the song will get support votes from Eastern countries, after all 10 countries will receive points anyway. I think Belarus should wake up in senior and junior Eurovision and start sending more international sounds rather than USSR jazz acts.