STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – There is a big turmoil among the LGBT community around the world after the owner of Italian tycoon and owner of Barilla group (one of the three brothers) Guido Barilla who said that his brand will never use homosexuals as his brand promoters, during an interview on Radio 24, conclusing and advising the gay community to prefer another past label.

Immediately the LGBT community and many celebrities lanched a boycott to the Italian brand which is also franchised by other companies around the globe, saying what Italian activist, Aurelio Mancuso suggested: “we will do that”.

Besides the frentic reactions on the web and social media, amongst the first reactions was the branch of Barilla in the US who immediately renounced the statement. Giudo Barilla attempted to re-phrase his statement saying that his only aim is to promote the female figure inside the family! But we all disbilieved him at once.

Proud of course as Eurofans, made us what Eddie Razaz did and posted on Facebook. The 2013 Melodifestivalen hopeful posted his own Barilla photo with the following comment: “I put Barilla where they belong” while the photo shows his trash can.

Well done Eddie. We also await what other Eurostars will do about it and of course this gives us a big time warning about what will happen to the Russian delegation next year in May!


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