• David Teigeler 6 years ago

    And what about this accusation from eurovisionista.com? Could you please respond! “I have been approached by more than one independent source who has told me that Oikotimes receives money from the Belarussian and Azeri delegations, and in the case of Belarus, has done since as far back as 2005. It has also been suggested to me from other quarters that, much like the army of Azeri ghost commenters, many of Oikotimes’s team of writers are also sockpuppets. I do not know whether this is true. But I do know that one of their writers, Olivier Vanhoutte, is definitely real – because he was also Belarus’s Head Of PR this year. This is public information. I have been told of a conversation where a Belarussian delegation member said “I don’t know why [Oikotimes] doesn’t write more about us – we’re paying them enough”.

  • Fotis Konstantopoulos reporting from Greece 6 years ago

    Actually they didn’t

  • Lena Smirnova (@Irish_ladybird) 6 years ago

    ummm… looks like there are no other topics to speak about. You become yellow as well and it’s a pity. Even EBU confirmed it’s a scam!

  • Fotis Konstantopoulos reporting from Greece 6 years ago

    You keep visiting, that’s the main success for oikotimes thank you for your message and your visit (give us more great stats) :-))))) we love you no matter what

  • frederictonton 6 years ago

    I really understand you Anthony and your comment is very interesting, but I actually am thankful that this kind of sites exist ; they’re there to remind you the things you should never do.

  • Jennie Di Centa 6 years ago

    Too much attention to that scam video from Lithuanian tabloid. EBU has already replied that it was scam!

  • Caspian_Dreamer 6 years ago

    Azerbaijan always does good in Eurovision since country made debut in the contest, and some “ppl” just can’t stand successes of Azerbaijan in Eurovision and makes fake things, videos to show those successes as cheat! really disgusting! but Haters gonna hate, it’s normal! Also in Azerbaijan not so many ppl takes ESC so serious to make cheats for getting good results, theres no sense!!!

    • Fotis Konstantopoulos reporting from Greece 6 years ago

      I also have an extra comment: CAN SOMEONE from these tabloid newspapers like Aftonbladet or 15MIN.LT or tabloid sites like 12POINTS.TV provide a PROOF that this video presents AZERI delegation or team in it? I WILL BE THE FIRST TO DAMN THEM. Until then this is just a UKRAINIAN SHIT for me!

  • Anthony Granger 6 years ago

    Once again Oikotimes have shown an utter lack of professionalism towards other Eurovision websites. Frankly I don’t understand why you feel it correct to talk down others in such a way.

  • German Garcia Machado 6 years ago

    That coment on 12points.tv was totally unnecessary, as always this site is a JOKE.. no one takes this site seriously