Three days after the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 is over DR appoints the Eurovision 2014 exectuvie producer who’s 47 year old Penille Gaardbo. Pernille is working with DR for 17 years, the last 12 of which with the DR Media Services, the largest DR production department with 220 employees. Employeed as a producer Pernille helped the kick off of DR2 and helped in the technical implementations in big entertainment shows like Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, P3 and X Factor.

DR-General Maria Rørbye Ronn praised the selection of Ms Gaardbo saying that they are happy with the decision as Pernille combines managerial experience and technical knowledge. Her experience is most valuable.

Pernille Gaardbo said that it’s a project of her dreams to deal with the Eurovision Song Contest. In DR we are more than ever ready to host such a show and that the broadcaster is fully geared to handle a production of such magnituted. We have the right people in the team who cover all needed skills.

Entertainment manager Jan Lagermand Lundme and Head of DR Event Søren Therkelsen will also be involved in the project as well in the national selection. The first one will be responsible for the contest of the show and the other for the relationship with partners.

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  1. I hope DR will give a better service than svt. Sweden was poor in the internet issues.We were expecting to get a high speed wifi. Printing service was very poor we have to go with our lap top to the printers. Sorry all the service in malmoe was terrible.

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