LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA – RTVSLO will decide whether it will take part in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest this November or December. Slovenia has had a recent run of bad results, failing to qualify to the final for the past two years, while Hannah Mancini finished last in the first semi final this year in Malmo.

According to media polls, some 52% of Slovenians do not want their country to take part in Eurovision. Though in case the country participates in Eurovision 2014, 25% of the survey participants said they want to see Manca Špik in Copenhagen.

Following this year’s wipe out of former Yugoslav republics at Eurovision, without a single one qualifying to the final, Croatia has already withdrawn while both Serbia and Montenegro are still considering whether they will take part.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, which withdrew this year, still hasn’t decided whether it will make a comeback in 2014. FYR Macedonia is the only former Yugoslav republic to have confirmed it will take part in Copenhagen next year and has already chosen an artist.


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