COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – One of Denmark’s most prominent musicians, producers and Eurovision legend Jørgen de Mylius will lead the jury in Saturdays national final in Denmark. The Jury will have half the power in the competition when Denmark finds out who will represent the host country in May.

The professional jury will be Jørgen de Mylius, Cutfather, Cheif1, Søs Fenger and Camille Jones. They will have 50 percent of the power in the first round of the voting as well as in the final round of voting and the other half is determined by the viewers.

Jørgen de Mylius has been involved in music most of his life and he has hosted many radio and television program is Denmark. He has hosted the national final Dansk Melodi Grand Prix several times and he has been commentator on the Eurovision Song Contest many times as well.

Camille Jones is a singer-songwriter and released several albums with international hits like “The Creeps” from 2007.

Søs Fenger made her debut as a singer in the mid-1980’s and has been one of the most successful names in Danish music with 11 albums and a lot of hits.

Cheif1 (Lars Pedersen) is a producers, songwriter and DJ and he was co-founder of Rockers By Choicein 1987. He has worked with some of the greatest artists in Denmark and he wrote the 2012 winner in Denmark performed by Soluna Samay.

Cutfather has produced major international hits like Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mack” and Jamelia’s “Superstar”. He has worked with Kylie Minoque, Christina Aguilera, Pussycat Dolls, Rihanna and Robin and he was one of the judges in Danish X-Factor in 2011.

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix will be held in the Danish city of Odense on Saturday at 20:00 CET.