The Dansk Melodi Grand Prix took part last Saturday and the number of people who watched the show is the highest since 2010. Denmark has a small population, with no more than 5 million inhabitants, but few national broadcasters can receive high viewing figures like DR receives for DMGP. This year, 1.785.000 Danish people watched the Final on TV, wich is the highest viewers number since 2010 when about 100.000 people more where watching.

The show recieved a good rating of #4 on a scale from 1-5, with 5 being the highest. Most watched TV programme in Denmark the past week was one of the semi-finals at the World Championsship in Handball for men. A semi-final between Denmark and Croatia, which started just before the dress rehearsal for the DMGP had ended.

In the half hour before the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, DR hosted a warm up programme that was watched by 883.000 people. You can view a statistic of the viewing figures in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix since 2000 below:

2013: 1.785.000
2012: 1.506.000
2011: 1.661.000
2010: 1.864.000
2009: 1.717.000
2008: 1.308.000
2007: 1.492.000
2006: 1.651.000
2005: 1.918.000
2004: 1.779.000
2002: 2.082.000
2001: 1.998.000
2000: 1.356.000

In the meantime three DMGP 2013 participants enjoy iTunes chart success as Emmeli de Forest, Mohamed Ali and Simone are in the top three of the charts respectively. This is not something new in Denmark as the past four years it became a trend at least for the winner of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix.