The team of is listening the Eurovision bid entries for the national finals across Europe and review the songs for each national final when available. Today we present you the review of our website for the entries from Denmark for the Danish national final of 2013.


Frederikke – Jeg har hele tiden vidst det
A nice musical number with a disco feel. Well presented and with a good feel to it and a modern appeal, the downpoint is that there is nothing amazing about this entry although it is a very good track. (7/10)

Brinck – Human
A nice melodic number which is typically found on a Eurovision stage. If this was a chart song, it would do quite well but again, nothing to shout home about although a nice voice. (6/10)

Kate Hall – Im Not Alone
A dance track with very good lyrics, it has a touch of 90s base and a very good opportunity to stage manage a good choreography. The danger with this song would be what other participants offer, if its similar, it could be drowned out. (7/10)

Louise Dubiel – Rejs dig op  

Another dance number, this one more concerned with vocals than beat, it is a good, cheerful number and sang in Danish, so it should bring some support. Nothing special however and will need something extra special on stage to be notied. (6/10)

Daze – We Own the Universe
The alternative to Aqua or the copy, you decide! The song is very electropop but again, a nice tune. They are best remembered for the hit song Tamagotchi and have experience at performing live as well as that certain something. (7/10)

Simone – Stay Awake
A very good performance and song, again the 90s beat is present but the vocal performance is very good. A strong song with a certain Eurovision feel, it may struggle at the big stage due to voting patterns but one to take into account. (8/10)

Jack Rowan featuring Sam Gray – Invincible
A different song although it has a dance style to it, it’s more hardcore than the previous entries. Not a bad performance and could have some core support to it but nothing special that could provide a surprise on the night. (7/10)

Emmelie de Forest – Only Teardrops
Very strong performance with a confident melodic Irish melody in the background. You can never go wrong at Eurovision with Irish sounds and for this reason and the fact that vocally it’s a strong, powerful performance, make this song one of the favourites in a very tight contest. (9/10)

Albin – Beautiful to Me

A nice vocal performance, very new romantics but with a touch of modern dance, this song has a strong lyrical content, easily recognisable and a sound melodic feel. It could do well and would not be found if asked to represent Denmark at Eurovision. It’s one drawback is that it fails to stand out as special. (7/10)

Mohamed Ali – Unbreakable
A strong performance and a likeable song. A good dance number with an easy to remember lyrical content, not a bad performance and the singer is more than likely to receive support no matter what happens but it doesn’t seem any different to a few of the other entries and cannot see it as better than a couple of others. (7/10)

so that’s our review for the Danish entries in the Melodi Grand Prix 2013 – lets us known what do you think about them as well by posting your own comments below