DINA GARIPOVAThe team of oikotimes.com had the pleasure to chat with Dina Garipova, who will represent Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with one of the most debated songs this year.

Hello Dina! First of all, thanks for taking your time chatting with oikotimes.com after have been selected as Russian representative in Mälmo.

How did you receive the proposal to represent Russia at Eurovision 2013? What were your first impressions and feelings? I was happy to hear the news. That was one of those ‘dream come true’ moments. But I understand it also means great responsibility – it is a huge honour to come on stage knowing that I’m not here by myself but as a representative of Russia. And my goal is to perform well.

Tell us more about your music career
Actually my professional career is just about to begin, so there’s not much I can tell you about it. I started taking vocal classes since I was 6, performed in my hometown and in other places, participated in music contests of various levels, always had tried to improve my singing, listened to good music and dreamed that someday I would come on real big stage.

Can you explain us how was your experience in “The Voice” Russia? How did it change your life? The Voice has changed all my life. A few months ago I wouldn’t even believe it’s possible. The Voice was a great experience for me as a singer, I learned much and met with a lot of good people and as a result I can do now what I like most. I want to thank all the people who brought The Voice to Russia. I was so very much happy to be part of all this!

Do you carry any good-luck charm during your performances?
Nothing in particular. Or rather it may be anything that reminds me of my parents, my family. I will always feel and appreciate they support that means much to me.

What kind of costume will you wear during your Eurovision performance? What is your favourite fashion style? We have not yet made up our mind about that, but I can say that I like classics in everything, including clothes. My guess is that my costume will reflect feminity, simplicity and informality.

Do you have any other current project apart from Eurovision?
No. All my thoughts now are about Eurovision.

What is your favourite music style?
I like many of them. Things that matter for me are sense, beauty and quality. If a song has them it’s going to have a long life.

If you had to choose any of your favourite artists to sing in a duet, who will you choose? There are many artists I would be happy to sing with, to be on one stage. Don’t make me name them all as it’s going to be a very long list. Sting for starters, Adele or Josh Groban… They are so great, so much gifted! Alas I won’t have the chance to meet another Great Singer as she is not with us anymore. She was my idol since childhood. I’m talking about Whitney Houston.

Do you have any favourite Eurovision song?
I’m used to watching this contest every year and every year I find numerous true gems. I don’t think this year’s going to be an exclusion from this rule. Eurovision 2013 will introduce many new beautiful songs and grant an ocean of positive emotions to all the people!

How is a day in your life? What activities do you like doing in your free time?
These days almost everything I do is a preparation to ESC. I attend rehearsals, discuss details of my stage appearance in Malmo. But when I have a break I’m trying to share it with my family and friends. We spend the time together, go to theaters, cinema etc. My family and friends mean much to me and I always have the time for them.

What’s your favourite animal? Do you have pets?
Oh yes! I adore them! I’ve got a dog, cats, aquarium and even chickens on the backyard. I can’t live without them, they make my place a real home. And even if you’re not in the mood for anything they always can cheer you up, to give a feeling of comfort, of home.

Any message for our readers?
Thanks for your interest to me. I want the contest this year to become a great music fest and we, singers, will do our best to make it happen! I wish all of you good and I wish good luck to all competitors. Believe in your luck and it’s gonna be with you! Yours sincerely, Dina.

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