Hello Europe this is Denmark calling and here is the review for the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2013, the show through which Denmark decides tonight upon the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 representative singer and song. You can read again our songs review and of course predict the winner in the oikotimes Facebook poll.

01. Frederikke Vedel – “Jeg har hele tiden vidst det”
With a still – most of the time – performance, Frederike is giving a nice performance although not convincing in my own opinion. The stage looks nice especially when the lights follow her during the performance and I definitely disliked the way she started the song. Not a winner in my opinion

02. Brinck – “Human”
Two backing singers and a drummer accompany Brinck on stage. The crowd never stops applauding and cheering for him and it seems we have a clear favourite to win tonight. Remember he represented Denmark in Eurovision Song Contest 2009. Impressive and convincing I like the light work.

03. Kate Hall – “I’m not alone”
Typical Eurovision song performance by Kate who reveals her dress in a very smooth and nice way. The vocal performance is not bad and it seems that many might like it. Coming after Brinck though is not sure it will help her in the voting although a jury is also here present tonight.

04. Louise Dubiel – “Rejs dig op”
She is the wildcard choice of DR for this year’s national final and Louise is performing on stage with four backing vocals on stage. In teh last part of the song she stops been static and the overall impression seems more than positive to me.

05. Daze – “We own the universe”
The G:son / Boström song is definitely an entry that bids to win tonight. The keytar used on stage is flowing lots of fireworks in the end of the song. Spectacular and impressive for Daze a song penned by Eurovision 2012 winner composer. They are added to the favourites for sure.

06. Simone- “Stay Awake”
It seems we have another favourite if we see the bookies and press reaction in Denmark. She is wearinga sparkling dress and she is accompanied by three dancers on stage. Very impressive and active stage performance which many Eurofans might like as well.

07. Jack Rowan feat. Sam Gray – “Invincible”
Jack Rowan is the DJ standing in the back and having dancers around while Sam is performing the song. It seems that this song is not a typical Eurosong but it can make the big surprise tonight. Not sure if the entire arena there is happy with the song though.

08. Emmelie de Forest – “Only Teardrops”
One more favourite tonight is proving its value. Emmelie de Forest gives an impressive performance a dream-stage presentation with lots of air fun included and lots of spiritual energy. Lots of people are standing up for the song and it seems we might have a surprise tonight in Denmark!

09. Albin – “Beautiful to me”
A static performance which evolves into a very moving presentation inthe second half of the song. Albin is accompanied by four backing vocals and a dancer appearing in the latter part of the song. Vocal performance is not nice, actually it’s the poorest one tonight. Don’t think this song can fight for the ticket to Malmoe tonight.

10. Mohamed Ali – “Unbreakable”
Last but not least the hottie of the night. Mohamed Ali tipped many weeks to enter the national final as a rumor is now here and presents his act. The audience reacts more than positive, almost with enthusiasm. Stage presentation includes a powerful dance act and a very well-worked choreography. Well done I add him to he favourite as well.

This concludes the report on the songs. Interval acts will now be presented: Solyna Samay (Denmark 2012), Johnny Logan (Ireland 1980, 1987, 1984 composer, 1992 composer), The Harreys (Sweden 1984) and Brotherhood of Man (United Kingdom 1976). Soon we will be back with the results. Simone, Emmelie and Mohamed are the superfinalists and they perform again their entries.


Emmelie de Forest wins Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2013. Congratulations for a spectacular show and a marvelous song from Denmark tonight!