The Greeks seems to love Demy for two years now as she seems to be the hottest newcomer in the local music showbiz. Eurofans got to know her from her appearance in the Greek National Final 2013 – Eurosong 2013 a MAD show where she performed in a duet with Eurovision 2008 winner, Dima Bilan, as you can see in the video below.

During the MAD Video Music Awards, Demy got the award for Best Pop Video of the year. Since last year Demy was the demand of many fans and Eurofans to represent Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest. During her red carpet interview with the media (at the MAD VMA event) she was also asked why hasn’t she entered the Eurovision bid yet.

Demy answered that it’s too soon for her to go to Eurovision. She is still learning what it means to be a singer and she tries to learn from that experience and when things and time are right she is open for it. She is pro to a Eurovision participation but she feels she needs the right timing for things to be totally ready for her in such a prject.

No matter what though, Greece is far away from even confirming possible participation in Eurovision 2014 as there is still no national broadcaster re-established!



  1. Now the word “po” turned to “pro”… but I still don’t understand :P

  2. What does “She is po to a Eurovision participation” mean? I don’t understand the word “po”.

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