• Toni 10 months ago

    @EAFTOSMOU KRYMMENOS: No, it would not, because she is Albanian by heritage and citizenship and Greek by citizenship only that Albanian part in common is what connects them both and the reason they got together in the first place in that photo, not because they are representative of two neighboring countries. Of course it is ok if they did posed with the Cyprus or Greek flag and Albanian flag, if they wished too, but that is not what made them come together and Greeks only show how small they are when they object to someone being proud of their heritage. In this day and age, we should be celebrating diversity in ethnicity, culture, language, religion, mentality, political beliefs and not be afraid of it but Greece, who still requires religion display in its passports and thinks every Greek citizen is Greek by heritage as well, is well behind the current times.

  • Albert Rrokaj 10 months ago

    So I can’t show fellow Albanians that I’m Albanian by displaying the double headed eagle, because some propagandist somewhere is making up ridiculous claims about hand gestures?

  • Eaftosmou Krymmenos 10 months ago

    Yeah, sure, music unites peoples. But how? Under the flag of just one country? Now, of course, what Eleni did by taking that picture with the eagle symbol made half by her hand and half by Eugent’s, cannot be considered an affront towards Greece per se, as, after all, she was born in Albania and was 7 years old when she left it for Greece. Obviously, a part of the Greek media might’ve overreacted about that gesture of hers, as the eagle symbol represents Albania (and once did so the Byzantine Empire), but not any “Greater Albania”. However, in the context of the volatile region of the Balkans, where Kosovo happened, you know, an article like this I’m posting the comment to can be justly interpreted as a mockery of Greece. If Eleni wished to show that music unites peoples, why didn’t she and Eugent show both flags (Greece and Albania) in that picture, for example? Either the Greek flag being held by her and the Albanian one by Eugent, or even the other way around. Wouldn’t that have been a far more expressive gesture of them both?