• Punisher (@Andonymous) 3 years ago

    Mario, who said anything about metal? These guys are not metal in any way. To the untrained ear the word rock sounds like well.. not what it is. Rock is a very very wide genre and I bet there are songs you like that are actually rock but didn’t know it because of labels. A good song can be good whatever genre it is and a bad song bad. Simple as that. We label music as we label people and that’s just wrong.

  • Mario.Gay.Vision28 (@GayPaokMan86) 3 years ago

    Expected…I knew that these ”rumours” were true indeed..
    I’m not fan at all of heavy metal rock & lame bands like this one..
    Totally unfortunate that this will be the act that will represent Cyprus in EuroVision next year..
    I hope that at least we won’t see this metal rock group winning our beloved contest..