• eurovicious (@eurovicious) 6 years ago

    Calm down folks – it’s only the Eurovision! And Ruslanita, I’m not sure whether you meant “bold” or “bald”, but either is an attractive quality in a man. Innit.

  • Mareva Cats 6 years ago

    It’s really sad that they decided to withdrawn, I wonder what has really happen, I guess someone is willing to pay under the table…
    And to those that laugh of this,…well it’s says more about You than anyone else.

  • Ruslanita Delgado 6 years ago

    I suggest especially to Louis Klomp to laugh first with his rediculous replicat of EBU logo which he is using illegally for his fan site (which no one knows what’s the name of it) and then laugh with others. Arrogance always comes back to you dear bold Louis

  • oikotimes (@wwwoikotimescom) 6 years ago

    it’s so sad for people like Louis and masterkatten not knowing what really happened with Cyprus. it’s a shame they act like that just HOPE we don’t laugh with both of you anyday soon. It’s nice though you envy our ability to post news first :-)

  • masterkatten91 6 years ago

    This proves that these articles on the revelation of the Cypriot artist were just bullshit.. Seriously? You were the only ones writing about Valanto getting chosen, and now suddenly she withdraw.. You’re just making up.

  • Louis Klomp 6 years ago


  • Dino Hodzic 6 years ago