NICOSIA, CYPRUS – In a short announcement CyBC announced that the country will not participate in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest due to lack of fundings. The news emerged last week first by and reproduced by several Greek and Cypriot media. Now it’s confirmed.

Cyprus participates in Eurovision Song Contest since 1981 and didn’t participate in 1988 and 2001.

Secure information from inside the national broadcaster told that Cyprus is having big financial troubles in order to add Eurovision 2014 in their projects.

Next week there will be a preliminary decision on whether Eurovision project will be included in the next year’s budget and all indications hint that Cyprus will announce it’s withdrawal.

If the country withdraws it will be the third time since it’s entrance to the contest in 1981 that the country will withdraw (1988, 2001)

Since there is no final decision yet we advise to read this information with caution…

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