Mandinga, the band that plays happiness since 2002, is now officially in North & Central America. Last week Mandinga had an official event for launching the band in this new territory. In prime time, at one of the biggest TV stations in Cuba, Mandinga released “Zaleilah”, the 2012 Eurovision Hit and a well known single in Europe from the new album “Club de Mandinga”.

Mandinga is broadcasted now over radio and TV and hopes that it will bring happiness here also. “It’s great to see that music is truly an international language. We are happy to bring our music and shows in North & Central America and we hope that more and more people will feel the positive vibe that Mandinga brings. You know already – Mandinga is playing happiness!”, says Elena Ionescu, lead vocalist of Mandinga.

After participating at Eurovision last year, Mandinga had became an international band appreciated for the complete show that it brings on stage and for mixing different cultures in one unique sound. The cultural variety resulting from mixing Romanian and Cuban musicians is capable of pleasing the most difficult crowds. Mandinga consists of seven members: Elena (lead vocals), Alex (trumpet), Chupi (drums), El Niño (congas), Omar (piano), Zach (saxophone) and Tony (trombone).


  1. I visited Cuba last October, and noticed that they actually listen to a lot of Romanian artists. A lot of the songs I had heard when in Bucharest. So, a good move from Mandinga to build their popularity in a territory few know to get into.

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