KLAPACroatian national broadcaster announced the participant for the Eurovision 2013 Song Contest during the HRT1 prime time news. It was already decided that the country will be represented with an ethnic song in Klapa ensemble.

Hrvatska radiotelevizija (Croatian Radiotelevision) announced the names of the artists that will compose the Klapa ensemble that is going to represent Croatia at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest. The Klapa ensemble is composed of these six artists:

First tenor – Marko Škugor, from klapa Kampanel
Second tenor – Ante Galić, from klapa Sinj
First baritone – Nikša Antica, from klapa Kampanel
Second baritone – Leon Bataljaku, from klapa Crikvenica
Bass – Ivica Vlaić, from klapa Sebenico
Bass – Bojan Kavedžija, from klapa Grdelin

Maestro Mojmir Čačija selected the lucky artists and he is resposible for the vocal arrangement. Producer Nikša Bratoš, along with Dragan Brnas, made the arrangement of the song. The members of the new formed Klapa have started recording the song and the song will be ready next week. First sounds of the Crotian Eurovision song, titled „Mižerja“, will be presented tonight during the „Dnevnik“ (News) in 19.30 on HRT1.