Creating an Amazon Product Description That Will Bring You a Fortune

amazon product description
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Amazon gives you clients, but it also requires you to be among the best online sellers on the Earth. Buyers must be eager to buy from you instead of jumping out to another e-commerce platform. The vivid and appealing product description does your business. In the article, we will discuss the components of the listings that boost your sales, stand you out of the competitors, and bring outstanding revenues.

Please Customers by Taking Cool Pictures

Photos are almost entirely for humans. Once a person comes to your page, you need to convince him/her to buy an item without any hesitation. If the pictures are clear and informative, answer frequent user’s questions, they can be a stimulus which makes purchase happen. While the Amazon search algorithm analyzes the photos of the items, it does not directly read keywords or other specific information from them. Therefore, you still need to tune your product description to earn a good rank in the search results.

Double-Check Keywords Versus What People Look For

English is rich. Many words apply to the same goods. When you are a seller, it turns into a kind of headache for you. You should know how people speak and even think about the brand you distribute. Amazon Seller Central can help you, as it gives the most usable words retrieved from the search input. Analyze them carefully along with applicable frequencies and adjust your keywords accordingly. This cornerstone trick does your business or break it otherwise.

Product Description

About 200 million people visit Amazon every month. They read many item descriptions to locate something that perfectly suits their needs. Do not be boring; the text must be outstanding to catch the eye and increase the conversion ratio. We suggest that you stick to friendly, honest, and moderately concise descriptions of your products that include all the relevant words. Generating a good item description means that you know your customers and understand their actual needs and expectations.

The item description is both for clients and Amazon robots. You should meet the requirements of all of them. If the search algorithm rates your item description high, it will always show your like near the top of the search output. If customers appreciate your product description, they will make a purchase and recommend your shop to other people. It is a known but challenging way to prosperity.

You have to mention all manufacturer’s specifications. The text should contain height, weight, color, fabric content, batteries, unique properties, and all other minor details. If you miss something important, your buyers will be dissatisfied and leave poor feedback. In some cases, they can even request a return, and you will lose some money.  

Find Correct Product Identifiers

Several identifiers help to classify products in the Amazon database. Software available on the Internet can partially help you with this challenge. It still remains up to you to ensure that every field contains correct numbers. Read more about ASIN, EAN, ISBN, and UPC and learn expert practices to deal with these numbers in our blog.

Essential Precautions

When creating product listings, there are some examples of misconduct that you must avoid whatsoever. Below, we provide a list of them.

Never copy the product description from your competitor’s website. The search engine finds such cases on-the-fly and punishes you. Your item will be at the very end of the search output due to the quality content issue. 

Never use description generators. Such programs cannot provide a properly good text in many cases. Furthermore, you risk having critical data errors within your offer.

Avoid using superlative degrees. The robots do not like these forms and will, on the contrary, underestimate your product irrespective of its actual pros.

Do not write dry technical characteristics only. Try to provide a personalized story that responds to popular queries of the customers and engages them. Original descriptions often win the race, according to