Could Iveta Mukuchyan’s latest statement lead to another confrontation with Azerbaijan?

ARMENIA – During last night preview show of NDR Iveta Mukuchyan, the Armenian representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 said that “The Azeri song was also offered to me”.

From the first moment this statement sounded weird since author of the “Skeletons” is the famous Azeri composer and producer Isa Melikov. Everyone is aware of the tense between the two countries so it’s difficult to believe that an Azeri offered a song to an Armenian singer, or the other way round.

The team contacted Isa Melikov who told us:
“Skeletons was written in the beginning of 2017 especially for Dihaj. In February I’ve send untitled demo to Sandra Bjurman to write the lyrics having in mind Diana and her personality. I chose to work with Sandra on this song because she knows Diana well and she could write lyrics that will strongly express her. That’s how “Skeletons” was created. I’m not aware of Iveta’s interview and can’t comment on that.”

We have kindly asked Iveta and her team for a response.


Iveta Mukuchyan provoked the fans and viewers of the Eurovision Song Contest last year in Stockholm, by violating the EBU rules, raising the Nagorno Karabakh flag from the Green Room. In the qualifiers press conference Iveta openly attacked Samra (the Azeri participant) who responded cleverly that Eurovision is all about music and smiled to the press! For that reason Armenia got a financial penalty by the EBU for an undisclosed amount.

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  1. Armenia pursues ethnic cleansing policy against Azerbaijanis in the occupied lands. International organizations did not hold a strict position against official Yerevan which killed thousand of innocent people. It is resulted in Armenia’s using force and violence against its civilians.

    At present the Armenian Armed Forces’ snipers kill civil Azerbaijanis who work at their own lands in the occupied Azerbaijani territories. They deliberately commit arson in the occupied Azerbaijani territories.

  2. Why is Armenia a monoethnic country?
    According to the latest census, less than 2% of the population is of nationality other than Armenian and over the years there was a trend of reduction of non-Armenian population.

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