Fotis Konstantopoulos (Greece)

This passion begins in 1984, in 1996 I established oikotimes as a printed pamphlet and in 2001 as a website turned eventually into Eurovision. The best thing happened is that I got to know some great friends.


  • Gunduz Abdullayev 8 months ago

    Armenia pursues ethnic cleansing policy against Azerbaijanis in the occupied lands. International organizations did not hold a strict position against official Yerevan which killed thousand of innocent people. It is resulted in Armenia’s using force and violence against its civilians.

    At present the Armenian Armed Forces’ snipers kill civil Azerbaijanis who work at their own lands in the occupied Azerbaijani territories. They deliberately commit arson in the occupied Azerbaijani territories.

  • Gunduz Abdullayev 8 months ago

    Why is Armenia a monoethnic country?
    According to the latest census, less than 2% of the population is of nationality other than Armenian and over the years there was a trend of reduction of non-Armenian population.