• Henrik Gustavsson 4 years ago

    Måns song has not violated any regarding the stage show since it only sends the song in March.(music and lyric)

  • Daniel Bergman 4 years ago

    1. forgot to point out that jurister have said that there is no problem with Måns sceenshow but they change anyway.
    2. SVT is not involved in the artists stage show in the Swedish preselection for Eurovision, but it’s the artists and the record company (in this case, Warner Music) determines how their show should look like

    • Olivier Rocher (France) 4 years ago

      we were just mentinning here the Aftonbladet accusation of copycat, not giving our personnal point of vierw.

  • David Linder (@alltejuupptaget) 4 years ago

    “most of us were scared « Heroes » could be accused of plagiarism, due to the resemblance with Aviici or Guetta’s works.”

    Is this even seriously meant? Plagiarism due to resemblance with several different artists all at once?

    Please don’t push the header of the article as if it was a fact that there was a song infringement when clearly no one except the same people who shout “plagiarism” every single year think so (otherwise someone would have acted, record labels don’t take kindly to actual plagiarism).

  • Daniel Bergman 4 years ago

    And Ebu dont think heroes its a copy or plagarism on “lovers on the sun”

  • Daniel Bergman 4 years ago

    Songwriter who make “lovers on the son” dont think heroes is a copy or plagiarism on the song