Is Technology the Health Care Solution for the Elderly?

From telemedicine and telehealth, providing access to education and treatment in remote regions, to health apps and tailored technologies that provide patients with assistance, and medical professionals with detailed monitoring and electronic health records by accessing data instantaneously, the advancements in technology

Why is the STL 3D Printer File Format So Popular?

There are many 3D file formats, out of which STL is the most widely used format. If you ask 3D printing practitioners around you which format they use, you will most probably get ‘STL’ as the answer, according to ParagonStar. After its

The 4 Most Common Causes Of Electrical Fires

Fire is dangerous. Despite the need for smoke alarms in all houses and advancements in fire prevention and fighting technology, there are still more than 50 deaths per year due to house fires. Even one death is one too many. Unfortunately, many

SMT PCB Assembly

Surface Mount Assembly (SMT) is used across the world and the SMT market is currently valued at more than 3 billion USD. Several different smaller markets have emerged within this niche, including repair, rework, printing and placement. It’s anticipated that the SMT

Major Challenges in Data Recovery with Encryption

Whether you are handling personal or business data, securing the data is paramount. Information is sensitive, and with the wrong person, the damage can be catastrophic. Imagine you are a business, and someone has unauthorized access to business data. They may use