Eurovision 2017: locations taking shape

UKRAINE – It seems that EBU and NTU have a final agreement on the side event locations for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest as we are now know more information about the event organisation. The Opening Reception will take place at the St. Sophia Complex The Red Carpet will take place at the Sofyiska Square which will lead to the complex Euroclub is now confirmed to be at the Parkovy, an amazing complex for events Eurovillage will be decided on February 2017 The interactions of the those ... | read the full story here

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JESC 2016: two months left for the final night, but we have lots of questions!

MALTA – In exactly two months the 14th edition of Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place in the – unanimously recognised – amazing island of Malta. One and a half month though is remaining for the delegations, fans and press / media representatives to land in Valletta and we are still in complete darkness regarding the preparations and therefore lot of people are reluctant to even book their trip to the island. One and a half month before the arrival of the ... | read the full story here

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Was Eurovision 2016 profitable for Stockholm? The answer is yes!

SWEDEN – SVT presented a special report about Eurovision Song Contest 2016. The aim was to show to Swedish people and furthermore to all Europeans that a big event like this can be profitable for the host city in the very end, not to mention as an organisation. Here is why Eurovision 2016 was a successful event. The City of Stockholm conducted an evaluation report from visitors and press. 80% gave top marks for the host city and 70% of Swedish were proud to have the event in their city ... | read the full story here

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Eurovision 2017: the latest developments in Kyiv

STOCKHOLM SPECIALISTS LAND IN KYIV Today Stockholm City specialists arrived in Kyiv, to share their expertise on hosting and organising the Eurovision Song Contest, in order to develop the proper environment for Euroclub, the venue, Eurovillage, transportation and accommodation. EBU representatives are also expected today in the Ukrainian capital. Video footage is available in this post. THE BUDGET The 2017 Eurovision Song Contest will cost to the Ukrainians 15 million Euros (aside the 15 ... | read the full story here

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