Svensktoppen Nästa 2016: Les Gordons to Melodifestivalen

SWEDEN – The 2016 edition of Svensktoppen Nästa concluded. Eight acts participated in this year’s final held by P4 Radio Sweden. Christer Björkman announced though that Les Gordons will go to Melodifestivalen 2017! In the meantime you can re-live the live report by for this season’s first Eurovision related event here. Noomi with the song “Intoxicated” won the Svensktoppen Nästa 2016 edition! INFORMATION ABOUT LES GORDONS In the Swedish city of ... | read the full story here

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Armenian Eurostars as jury member in Depi Evratesil

ARMENIA – Today, AMPTV has officially announced the names of the jury members for Armenia’s ground breaking national selection format for Eurovision 2017- Depi Evratesil! The “Dream team” is made up of Armenia’s former representatives at the Eurovision Song contest: Iveta Mukuchyan, Hayko, Anush Arshakyan, Essai Altounian, Inga Arshakyan and Aram MP3! Together, they will search for their successor. They will audition hundreds of new artists, pick them in their teams and guide them ... | read the full story here

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Latvia 2017: Supernova final date decided

LATVIA – Latvian national broadcaster announced the new season of Supernova, through which the country will determine the artist and the song for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. LTV already published the rules and once again the preliminary selection for artists and authors will be conducted separately. LTV wants an international hit but made from Latvians therefore no foreigners will be allowed. Submissions for artists and authors begins on August 17 and due on October 28. By November ... | read the full story here

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Sweden announces the eight finalists for Svensktoppen Nästa

SWEDEN – The eight finalists for Svensktoppen Nästa 2016 announced by P4. Svensktoppen Nästa is set for Augsut 28th in which one act will be the first participant of Melodifestivalen 2017. This doesn’t mean it will be the winner though! From a total 25 regional winners, the Swedish radio narrowed the finalists into 8. Svensktoppen Nästa Finalists Jimmy Ottosson – Rising Rivers Small Town Girls – Do your thing Mackan n’ Matthew – Allt som vi va SaVe – 2 wrongs don’t ... | read the full story here

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Ukraine 2017: NTU and STB join forces again for national final

UKRAINE – Ukrainian national broadcaster in collaboration again with STB announced details for the national selection. Konstantin Melazde will be once again the music producer responsible for the national selection. The national final will take place in February and the final decision will be made just like last year by jury and public voting, where tele voting will prevail in case of a tie. STB will cover the expenses for Eurovision 2017 and we might see more finalists than last year. ... | read the full story here

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Slovenia 2017: RTVSlo kicks off EMA selection

SLOVENIA – Slovenian broadcaster RTV SLO has called on interested artists to apply for its 2017 national selection EMA. Applicants have until November 4 to submit their songs. The application form can be found on a special page on the RTV SLO website. Requirements and regulations are yet to be published, as well as the date of the national selection. Slovenia chose its 2016 Eurovision representative through EMA. Singer ManuElla represented her country with the song “Blue and ... | read the full story here

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Armenia 2017: AMPTV announce Depi Evratpesil for Ukraine

Public Television Company of Armenia has officially confirmed its participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. This time the artist will be chosen through a new, groundbreaking television project introduced by the creative team of AMPTV. The project is called “Depi Evratesil” (To Eurovision). It’s a 3 month long music competition, where Armenia’s previous representatives in Eurovision will search for their successor. “If you are Armenian or of an Armenian heritage, 16 years ... | read the full story here

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Albania 2017: RTSH calls for songs for Festivali i Këngës

ALBANIA – Albanian national broadcaster RTSH is calling for Festivali i Këngës songs. The 55th edition of the Albanian festival which is usually takes place at the end of December is used as a national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. Submissions are due on October 11th. Despite their non official confirmation that the country will participate in Ukraine’s Eurovision Song Contest edition it seems that once again we will see the same way of selection. In 2016 Eneda Tarifa ... | read the full story here

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Sweden 2017: SVT kicks off Melodifestivalen

SWEDEN – Swedish national broadcaster kicks off today the process of Melodifestivalen 2017. SVT laughed the rules for the event. No changes in the format of the show. 28 songs will take place, 14 of them will be chosen from the submitted entries and 13 from invited authors and the 28th entry will be from the winner of Svensktoppen Nästa. Submissions can take place online from September 1st to September 16th. In hist statements Christer Björkman said that he is happy with the broadcast ... | read the full story here

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