JESC 2016: EBU reports 4-year-record in TV ratings

SWITZERLAND – The European Broadcasting Union despite the reports for some of the participating countries delivering lower than last year TV rates, released a report for the overall TV ratings of the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest describing them as a record of viewership since 2012. Here are the highlights of the report Junior Eurovision 2016 reached an audience of 3.9 million views across 14 markets It was the first time the show moved from Saturday prime time to Sunday afternoon ... | read the full story here

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JESC 2016: how our Australian and Belgium friends reacted to the show

MALTA – On November 20 (with great timezone differences) we asked our friends from Belgium and Australia to film their reactions while watching the show. The new trend established in the Stockholm Eurovision Song Contest edition inspired us too to have our own “Google Box”. Well this time only two pairs accepted our invitation as there was no real interest to watch the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Here is the ... | read the full story here

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JESC 2016: viewing rates across Europe report

The 14th edition of Junior Eurovision Song Contest is over and the reports for the viewing rates are coming in. here are the viewing figures coming in. This report usually is constantly updated so take a look every now and then. POLAND – 2,8 million viewers reported to have watched the show, in a country which was absent from the contest for 12 years, marking 20% of the market share. In comparison with the 5 million viewers watching the Eurovision Song Contest Final it can be considered a ... | read the full story here

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JESC 2016: check the rehearsal outtakes at the MCC

MALTA – Four days of rehearsals (technical and camera ones), 17 participating countries concluded their basic rehearsals heading to the Dress Rehearsal shows on Saturday and Sunday morning. Before we go into the final stage of their preparations, the team of prepared a short video with the artists while preparing to do their rehearsal at the MCC auditorium. The rehearsal outtakes for the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest are here for ... | read the full story here

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Big debate in Cyprus over spendings; JESC 2016 fee revealed

CYPRUS – Although no accurate number reported, watching the Top 25 programs of the week on AGB Nielsen Cyprus we can see that Junior Eurovision was surely below 7% of TV rates with less than 55,000 viewers for sure. You can read more on the TV ratings here. In the meantime local press report that there is a major debate in Cyprus over CyBC budget. Among information given by the national broadcaster it was revealed that Junior Eurovision 2016 cost 30,000 Euros to participate and broadcast ... | read the full story here

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Israeli team booed at Junior Eurovision Song Contest

YNETNEWS.COM REPORTS / ISRAEL – The Israeli team at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest was booed by the audience in Malta on Sunday night as it was awarded points in what has been described by a member of the Israeli delegation as “horrible.” The reason for the jeering, however, is the subject of dispute. While some ascribed the chanting to a political statement, others stated that it was merely due to the fact that Israel granted the host country Malta only one point. ... | read the full story here

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Georgian broadcaster confirms discussions on hosting Junior Eurovision 2017

GEORGIA – Regional press confirms that Georgian national broadcaster is in discussions with the European Broadcasting Union in order to host the 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest edition. After all the country has already won the contest three times and never hosted, so it;s time they do it. Since 2013, EBU starts asking the countries in their ranking in the contest whether they like to host the event and during a press conference to celebrate Mariam’s victory in Malta GPB ... | read the full story here

November 23, 2016 10:17 am // 1 Comment

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