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    Conservative councillor suspended over racist Eurovision tweet 

    UNITED KINGDOM – A Conservative councillor has been suspended for tweeting offensive comments about Irish people during the Eurovision Song Contest. Nick Harrington, who also sits as a magistrate, was clearly moved to anger after the Irish judges failed to vote for UK entry Lucie Jones.

    In his ire, he tweeted: “#Eurovision2017 thanks Ireland. You can keep your f****** gypsies! Hard border coming folks!” Unsurprisingly his comments drew angry calls to the police and Warwick District Council – as well as a slew of remarks on his Twitter feed.

    His Twitter account was deleted after the post, but not before it had been screen grabbed and shared across social media. Warwick District Council leader Andrew Mobbs suspended Mr Warrington for six months pending a full investigation.

    In a statement the council said: “We apologise unreservedly for the offence and upset that his comments have caused.” Police are also investigating the tweet sent from the councillor’s account after complaints from members of the public.


    • beccaboo1212 17:31 on May 17, 2017 5:31 pm Permalink

      How could he call the Irish people gypsies? That’s mean! 🙁

  • A. Alexandrovic (Swiss) 08:06 on May 17, 2017 8:06 am Permalink |  

    Watch various stand-in rehearsals for Eurovision 2017 

    UKRAINE – Before the delegations arrive in the host city, host broadcaster begins stand in rehearsals for the Eurovision Song Contest using amateur artists, students in order to start the staging preparation and the camera work for each of the participating entries. Just like every year, here are the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest stand in rehearsals as released on YouTube.

  • Jaime Solloso 18:31 on May 16, 2017 6:31 pm Permalink |  

    RTP Director General tracks back on earlier comments 

    PORTUGAL – Today RTP Director General, Nuno Artur Silva has tracked back on earlier comments that Lisbon would be the host city for Eurovision 2018, claiming that no decision has yet been taken.

    The comments come on the back of criticism nationally that seemed to ignore the rest of Portugal and RTP have now stated that they will look at the entire map before making an ultimate decision. There is the possibility that the host city will be chosen by public tender or a vote, as has happened in recent years but the focus from RTP is to keep costs to a minimum where possible.

    The favourite host city still remains Lisbon, although the cities Faro, Feira and Guimarães have expressed an interest in hosting Eurovision. Porto, the second biggest city has not shown any interest to date in hosting but there are few venues that could host the expected capacity for the event or the accomodation requirements.

    The MEO Arena in Lisbon appears to be the favourite host venue but if costs prove a problem there may be the possibility of an alternative pop-up venue or football stadium, with a temporary roof, being used to host.

    EBU will be looking to avoid the issues which plagued Ukraine this year, especially with delays in building and choice of venue however having hosted recent international events, Portugal has a slightly better infrastructure system in place to avoid similar difficulties.

  • A. Alexandrovic (Swiss) 13:10 on May 16, 2017 1:10 pm Permalink |  

    British media falsely reported that Israel withdraws from Eurovision 

    ISRAEL — British media reported that Israel has permanently withdrawn from the Eurovision song contest after the closing Israel Broadcasting Authority made its farewells live while reporting the country’s scores. Other countries also took the farewell by IBA host Ofer Nachshon to mean that Israel would be leaving the annual tournament, whose finals took place in Kiev on Saturday night.

    “Tonight, is our final night, shortly IBA will shut down its broadcasting forever, so on behalf of all of us here in IBA, let me say thank you Europe for all the magical moments and the beautiful years,” Nachshon said at the en of the Eurovision broadcast.

    Media in several countries, not familiar with the closure of the IBA as part of Israel’s public media reform that will see the broadcaster replaced by a new public media corporation, known as Kan, on Monday, reported the end of Israel at Eurovision.

    Kan has said it will take over the broadcasting rights to Eurovision if it is able to qualify as a member of the European Broadcasting Union. But this could be a problem since the new Kan broadcaster does not have a news division. The news component is being run by a separate entity following a government compromise on the issue.

    At the end of the Eurovision broadcast at 1:45 a.m. on Sunday morning, IBA signed off permanently.

    • beccaboo1212 15:39 on May 16, 2017 3:39 pm Permalink

      I’m very upset about Israel’s withdrawal after this year. They’ve sent a lot of good entries to Eurovision, as well as the Junior equivalent. 💔

  • Fotis Konstantopoulos (Greece) 13:03 on May 16, 2017 1:03 pm Permalink |  

    No changes in Maltese selection process despite the country’s worst results in a decade 

    MALTA – No changes will be made to the Eurovision selection process despite Malta registering its worst result in a decade during last week’s song contest, PBS chief executive John Bundy has said. Claudia Faniello’s song Breathlessly placed 16th of 18 countries in the second Eurovision Semi-Final last Thursday, the country’s lowest ranking since the current qualification system was introduced in 2008. Ms Faniello received a creditable result from national juries, finishing 8th, but failed to garner a single point from the televoting, dragging down her final placing. The singer qualified from Malta’s national selection process after several unsuccessful attempts in previous years and was chosen solely by a public tele-vote after the jury component was removed for this year’s edition. The result, however, did not come as a surprise to anyone following the pre-competition buzz, where bookies had Malta tipped to be eliminated in the semi-finals and critics raised serious doubts about the choice of song, albeit praising Ms Faniello’s vocal performance.

    Writing on Facebook after the semi-final, music producer Howard Keith Debono, part of the team behind Ira Losco’s Eurovision 2016 entry, highlighted the value of changing song choice (as happened last year) after unfavourable indications. He also described the 100 per cent televoting system as a “big risk”, noting that Maltese audience preferences were not necessarily mirrored across Europe, as well as raising questions about staging and the importance of factors such as the artist’s profile and online engagement.

    But speaking to the Times of Malta after returning from Kiev, PBS CEO Mr Bundy took umbrage at the suggestion that Ms Faniello’s result had been the worst in years, pointing to the strong jury vote and changing circumstances year to year.

    “We are very disappointed with the result because compared to some of the countries that made it through, we had a song that was just as good,” he said. “But we’ve been going through this for the past 45 years. Last year expectations were high, we spent a lot of money, and we still didn’t win. Ultimately, it’s a competition. If you look at the comments from journalists and even the festival directors, many thought it was a pity we didn’t go through.”

    Mr Bundy said the singer and the whole team had done all they could and left no stone unturned in their preparations, but insisted the televoting selection process and the refusal to change the song choice had not played a part in the result.

    “While I remain in this role, the 100 per cent televoting will remain. There were a number of times we didn’t get through, even when we had a jury; the jury just gives you someone to blame when things don’t go your way,” he said. “The people pick a government every five years; I think they can be trusted to pick a song. Why should we let the public pick a song and then ditch it because we think it’s not going well?”

  • Norman Burdon (Canada) 12:57 on May 16, 2017 12:57 pm Permalink |  

    Brief updates from the world of Eurovision 

    GERMANY – ARD Head of Entertainment, Mr Thomas Schreiber, clarified that despite criticism, Germany is not withdrawing from the Eurovision Song Contest. Germany pays 380,000 Euros for 7 hours of broadcast. It is a reality though that since the 8th position of Roman Lob in 2008, Germany is plundered in the competition. It is no secret that only 7,76 million Germans watched the final falling by 1.57 million. Levina on the other side, states that she is disappointed and didn’t expect the result but considers Eurovision as a great experience.

    AUSTRALIA – Australian Head of Delegation is awaiting the official invitation by the EBU, so his country will be eligible to participate in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Among the long term plans, is for Australia to hold a national selection with big names just like Melodifestivalen. But it took too many years for Sweden to make it happen and it sounds already an ambitious plan.

    CZECH REPUBLIC – National broadcaster seems to confirm its participation in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest despite the bad results for Martina Barca and the low TV rates. After all the national broadcaster sees Eurovision as an opportunity to build something new in the local music industry. But still the numbers remain disappointing: 145,000 watched the first semi final, 101,000 the second and less than 200,000 the grand final.

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    Russian President has no regrets for his country absence from Eurovision 2017 

    RUSSIA – Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the decision not to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest was correct and that he has no regrets about it. “As for Eurovision, those who wanted to watch it could do so online. I believe that our agencies involved in that process did the right thing when they refused to take part in it, because, from my point of view, the current authorities in Kiev are unable to host events of this kind,” the president told a news conference on Monday.

  • A. Alexandrovic (Swiss) 01:53 on May 16, 2017 1:53 am Permalink |  

    Watch again the interval acts by Ruslana, Jamala and Onuka 




  • Ghassan Al Kaziri (UAE) 01:19 on May 16, 2017 1:19 am Permalink |  

    Eurovision 2017 results under the old system 

    UKRAINE – For the second year in a row the new system of separating the jury votes from the public voting in the overall announcement and calculation, kept the audience in agony. But what if the old system was used? Let’s see the Grand Final results based on the previous Eurovision voting system. The winner would still have been Portugal and get the record of scores in the Eurovision history dropping Farytale from the top. Slight changes are occurred in the rankings of most countries but it is clear that Belarus and Greece could benefit from the old system ranking as 14th and 16th respectively. In the ugly drops we would have seen the UK from 15th to 18th position and Austria would turn out 23rd.

    1 Portugal 417
    2 Bulgaria 346
    3 Sweden 227
    4 Belgium 216
    5 Moldova 210
    6 Italy 174
    7 Romania 115
    8 Hungary 101
    9 France 83
    10 The Netherlands 78
    11 Norway 72
    12 Australia 60
    13 Azerbaijan 52
    14 Belarus 42
    15 Croatia 40
    16 Greece 39
    17 Cyprus 37
    18 United Kingdom 34
    19 Israel 22
    20 Armenia 21
    21 Denmark 15
    22 Poland 15
    23 Austria 9
    24 Ukraine 7
    25 Germany 2
    26 Spain 2
  • another web source 01:12 on May 16, 2017 1:12 am Permalink |  

    Preliminary reports on TV ratings across Europe 

    GERMANY – 7.76 million people watched as Germany narrowly avoided it’s third last place finish in a row last night in Kyiv, Ukraine. Last night an average of 7.76 million viewers watched in Germany as Levina finished 25th with her song “Perfect life”. The viewing figures in Germany peaked at 9.3 million viewers. The average viewing figures for this years contest in Germany represent a fall of 1.57 million viewers over last years contest when Jamie-Lee represented her country with “Ghost”.

    PORTUGAL – 57% of the country watched last night as Portugal were announced as the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Around 2.5 million viewers were watching last night as Portugal won their first ever Eurovision Song Contest represented by Salvador Sobral and the song “Amar Pelos Dois”. As the trophy was handed over to Salvador Sobral 57% of the viewing audience in Portugal were watching. Over the course of the final an average of 1.4 million viewers across Portugal were watching, as Salvador ended a 53 years wait for Eurovision victory. A total of 1.8 million viewers were watching at 20:55 local time when Salvador Sobral took to the stage to perform.

    SWEDEN – The number of viewers watching the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, fell by over 800,000 viewers compared to 2016.

    CROATIA – In Croatia over 666,000 viewers watched the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 as Jacques Houdek performed “My Friend”.

    ROMANIA – Almost 800,000 Romanians watched Saturday night at TVR 1 when Ilinca and Alex Florea were singing their song on stage Eurovision Song Contest 2017, TVR announced. The Final of Eurovision Song Contest 2017 was watched on average by 561,000 viewers (rating 3.1%, share 11%), placing TVR 1 on the second place In the national audience rankings. The show ranked first place in urban audience, with an average of 414,000 viewers (average rating 4.2%, average share 14.5 %). The Eurovision Grand Final ranked second on the commercial target (188,000 viewers, average rating of 4.1% and average market share of 15.5%). The most watched moment of Finale was recorded during when Romania was on stage (23.40), when no less than 807.000 Romanians watched the show of the two artists (rating 4.5%, share 15% nationwide).

    GREECE – The Eurovision 2017 Grand Final reached 51,2% in the general audience in Greece, reaching up to 62.7% during the voting. In the aged 15-44 the rates were 54,8% reaching 66,3% during the voting. Last year the ratings were 31,3% in the general audience and 39,8% in the ages 15-44.

    to be continued

  • another web source 01:07 on May 16, 2017 1:07 am Permalink |  

    The aftermath of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in brief 

    PORTUGAL – Lisbon will host the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, the 63rd edition of the contest. RTP confirmed the host city and the official suggestion is MEO Arena, something that must be verified by the EBU’s Reference Group.

    GOOGLE – Did you know that Google tried to estimate the winner based on various algorithms? France was the country to win according to that estimation, which naturally proven false.

    ANDORRA – Andorran state television was asked immediately after the Portuguese entry if they will return to the contest. RTVA responded that they are not coming back. So far 10 countries are confirmed to participate in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest: Portugal, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Norway, Russia and Spain.

    JUNIOR EUROVISION 2017 – Prior to this year’s contest, up to 25% of Junior Eurovision songs were allowed to be performed in a language that isn’t one of the country’s official languages. Now, this percentage is being increased to 40%. In another minor rule change, backing tracks may now contain the recording of six backing vocalists onto the track. This is an increase on the five that were allowed in previous years. Nevertheless, as always, the lead vocalist must perform live on stage. So far only 7 countries have confirmed participation in Tbilisi’s edition.

    DENMARK – DR’s Entertainment Chief, Jan Lagermand Lundme, has expressed his opinions on the results of this years Eurovision Song Contest. “I accept defeat. But I think it is important to remember that Anja has been fantastic.”

    MOLDOVA – Sunstroke Project are to receive state honours after getting third place at this years Eurovision Song Contest, Moldova’s highest result to date. Sunstroke Project were welcomed home with open arms after they received Moldova’s highest result to date. The trio, who entered the contest with their song “Hey Mamma”, received 374 points overall which meant they finished third overall. The President of Moldova Igor Dodon has promised high state honours for the band members.

    AZERBAIJAN – EBU responded to Aftonbladet’s question regarding the poor placing of Cyprus in the jury voting, since the artist is of Armenian descent:  The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest is decided by televoters and juries (comprised of music industry professionals), who each have a 50% stake in the outcome. Each juror signs a declaration, stating they will judge the songs independently, based on a number of criteria, such as the song, the lyrics, the performance and hit potential. They understand that their judging also excludes any personal views pro or against a performers personal background. We expect them to, and are happy that they do, respect these rules in order to keep the contest clear from (geo) political influences. Neither the Armenian or Azerbaijani juries have ever been sanctioned by the EBU for consistently ranking each others entries last in the jury vote. However in 2009 the national broadcaster of Azerbaijan was fined after the Government questioned citizens who voted for the Armenian entry.

    ESTONIA – Issues with the televote have been reported in Estonia, with viewers calls not going through correctly during the final. Mobile phone operators in Estonia have confirmed that some customers had issues when attempting to vote during the final of Eurovision 2017. Finnish telecommunications company, Elisa confirmed that some of its customers were unable to vote during the final. Viewers reported that when they attempted to vote they were unable to be connected and could not vote for the country they wished to vote for. There were no issues however with the SMS vote. The Chairman of the Board of ERR, Margus Allikmaa apologised to viewers for the issues that occurred, but reiterated that the issue was out of the hands of the Estonian national broadcaster.  Mr Allikmaa added that damage has been done to the reputation of the broadcaster as a result of the issues on Saturday night. (source: http://www.eurovoix.com)

    BULGARIA – The Director General of BNT and the Head of Delegation for Bulgaria have praised the singer for what he has been able to do for Bulgaria. For the Director General of BNT, Eurovision has become a chance for Bulgaria to showcase the talent it posses and to build the image of the country. She added, Television has its mission and to be able to display the entire talent of Bulgaria to the who world – now with Eurovision talent Kristian, talent Poli Genova and all future representatives who will sing. The singer was also congratulated by the Bulgarian Minister of Culture who in his statement thanked Kristian for proving, to everyone that the power of the gift of Bulgarian artists occurs regardless of where in the world create or perform their works. In addition the Culture Minister stated that he has made Bulgaria extraordinarily proud of themselves and wishes him the greatest success in his career.

    SAN MARINO – The Director General of San Marino RTV has reiterated that he feels that Eurovision favours the Big Five and not smaller nations. Dr Carlo Romeo, has reiterated that San Marino will be rethinking whether they will be competing in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018. In an interview with San Marino RTV, the Director General has stated that the organisers of the contest favours the Big Five and larger nations, while it overlooks smaller nations such as San Marino.

    UKRAINE – Ukraine’s interior minister says police have detained a notorious prankster who jumped onto the stage during the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv and bared his buttocks as a Ukrainian singer was performing. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said in a May 14 Facebook post that police had detained Vitaliy Sedyuk, who performed the stunt on live television as Ukrainian singer Jamala was performing during the previous night’s Eurovision final. Avakov said that Sedyuk had been detained by event security and police, and that he resisted the detaining officers. The minister added that Sedyuk had been placed in custody for 72 hours, and that he faced “hooliganism” charges punishable by up to five years in prison.

    PORTUGAL – Eurovision winner Salvador Sobral has claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo is Portugal’s hero despite receiving national acclaim after leading the country to their first ever victory in the song contest. Portugal followed up their European Championship triumph last summer with another win, but on a different stage, as Sobral’s ‘Amar Pelos Dios’ finished top of the leaderboard at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

    AUSTRALIA – Broadcaster SBS, which backs Australia’s Eurovision bid, says the invite has not yet been extended but they are keen to return. “At this stage, Australia’s participation in Eurovision is on a year-by-year basis and we must be invited by the host broadcaster in the hosting country,” an SBS spokesperson told AAP.

    GERMANY – Eurovision fans and voters were less than impressed with Germany’s performance during tonight’s last final, blasting it for sounding like a massive number one hit single from 2011. Levina took to the stage in Kiev, Ukraine, to compete for Germany with her entry, Perfect Life. However, Eurovision Song Contest viewers thought it sounded suspiciously like David Guetta’s Titanium, and flooded to social media to criticise her for ripping off the song. “Germany might have heard Titanium before. Could be wrong,” one sarcastic fan commented, while another blasted: “Titanium minus the great chorus #Germany.”

    UNITED KINGDOM – Eurovision entrant Lucie Jones blames Brexit after UK finishes in woeful 15th place. In an exclusive interview just hours after the result, Lucie said to THE SUN: “I had no idea how Brexit was going to affect the vote until I was there. I did notice lots of Brexit comments. “I mean the Aussies were the only ones to give us 12 points out of everyone — now that was pretty awkward.”


  • David Taelman-Hermans (Belgium) 20:56 on May 15, 2017 8:56 pm Permalink |  

    Watch again: winner announcement in the arena, in the press area and the winner performance 




  • Jaime Solloso 18:40 on May 15, 2017 6:40 pm Permalink |  

    Lisbon confirmed as Eurovision location for 2018 

    LISBON – After a memorable victory for Salvador Sobral with “Amar pelos dois” at Eurovision 2017 in Kiev, Portugal now have the enviable task of hosting Eurovision 2018 and RTP have confirmed that the event will take place in Lisbon.

    The actual location still remains to be chosen and any mention of possible venues is just rumour for now. Portugal has hosted some International events in recent years, so some of the infrastructure is already in place to make for a fantastic few weeks of Eurovision.

    The dates also remain to be announced although it’s likely to be at a similar time next May, as it was this year. At the winners press conference, the EBU openly offered full support to RTP in ensuring a smooth and effective hosting for next year and it’s unlikely that any issues which arose this year will be repeated.

    One thing so far is clear, Eurovision 2018 will take place in Lisbon, capital of Portugal.

  • another web source 18:39 on May 15, 2017 6:39 pm Permalink |  

    Jon Ola Sand happy with the Ukrainian organisers 

    UKRAINE – Jon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest highly appreciated the organization and staging of the international song contest in Ukraine. He shared his impressions with Petro Poroshenko on the president’s meeting of the organizers and hosts. On the 14th of May, the president’s public affairs office reports.

    “That work we saw of the last week with a three TV shows was absolutely on the top what Eurovision song contest should be. And I have only good feedback from delegations and that’s very rare. Every year there are complaints about certain things could be transportation, could be security related issues; it could be issues with a performing stage. We have not none of these issues, really, from my heart I can tell you, these been arranged superb from Ukrainian organizational side. To transform this conference center into very efficient press-center, very efficient delegation area with absolutely high facilities for the delegations. And the venue itself which became in the internet and still ground venue was achieved on the highest level. We are very proud of cooperation that we have had. With both of authorities and local team of UA:PBC”

    President Poroshenko informed, that due to Russian aggression on the East of Ukraine, it was not easy to hold the contest, but Ukrainian team did their best. “Congratulations to all of you. Eurovision 2017 was organized on the highest level. This is a result of effective cooperation of our teams.” – says Poroshenko.

    The executive producer of the Eurovision, Pavlo Hrytsak, thanked the President for his support in the preparation of the contest. “Great job was done, in order to make the journalists, contestants, and fans feel the hospitality of Kyiv and to make them feel comfortable. I am grateful to the Ukrainian government and you, Mr.President, fro your support” – he said.

  • Fotis Konstantopoulos (Greece) 22:53 on May 14, 2017 10:53 pm Permalink |  

    First moments after Salvador won the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest 

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