Italy 2017: will Francesco be forced to change lyrics?

ITALY 2017 – It is already one of the fans favourite for the Eurovision Song Contest with extremely high positive comments all over the web and more than 10 million views already on YouTube. The Italian entry seems to rock this year (once again) but there seems there is a small problem. Francesco Gabbani will be obliged to change one line of the lyrics of his song “Occidentali’s Karma” since it violates EBU rules. More specific the first line of the second verse is ... | read the full story here

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Eurovision 2017: the latest developments from Kyiv

UKRAINE – Today a working meeting took place in the IEC in Kyiv. Eurovision team discussed the issues of the venue and the technical aspects of the production show, the accreditation area, press centre and general arrangements in the working space, along with security issues. The meeting was attended by Deputy Head of the UA:PBC Pavlo Hrytsak, show producer of the Eurovision 2017 Stuart Barlow, Production Director Ola Melzig, Arena manager Olexander Karjakin and other Ukrainian and ... | read the full story here

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Eurovision 2017: last night’s turmoil ended up into new arrangements for the fans by Ukraine

UKRAINE – The storming and furious reactions of all fans last night on the web seems to have paid off. Ukrainian organisers changed again their minds and now they announce there will be fan pack tickets for Eurovision 2017. This is what the Ukrainian national broadcaster and organisers told the president of OGAE International. The fans will be allocated in the stage front and one block which will not be available for sale this afternoon. Thought, OGAE International still hasn’t any ... | read the full story here

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Eurovision 2017: ticket sales begin tomorrow at 19:00 CET

EUROVISION.TV REPORTS / UKRAINE – The first wave of the much anticipated ticket sales for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest will begin on Tuesday 14th February from 19:15 CET. Up to 70,000 tickets for this year’s event in May, hosted at the International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv, Ukraine, will be sold across nine shows: six dress rehearsals, two Semi-Finals and the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Fans will be able to purchase tickets, priced at various levels between 8 and ... | read the full story here

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Eurovision 2017: EBU responds on the UA:PBC team resignation

UKRAINE – Chaos in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest organisation. Executive producers Victoria Romanova and Oleksandr Kharebin resigned. An emergency press conference by UA:PBC and Pavlo Hrytsak will take place today. The media reported this morning that the Eurovision 2017 core team will change as everything seems to have been collapsed in terms of organisation and preparations. The broadcaster seems to have failed to deliver the tenders for various venues such as the Euroclub and more ... | read the full story here

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Russia 2017: Temnikova out, Panayotov, Antoniuk in the run for Kyiv

RUSSIA – Russian press report that Elena Temnikova member of Serebro, who represented Russia in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest declined the offer to represent the country in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. Aleksandr Panayotov, Nyusha, Nargiz and Daria Antoniuk were considered by the national broadcaster as potential participants for the Kyiv Eurovision Song Contest with Panayotov the main candidate now bidding hard to get the ticket. But now claims there are only two: ... | read the full story here

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Germany 2017: let the scandal break; plagiarism accusation for Levina’s song

GERMANY – What a great way to celebrate your victory a day after the national final. Levine from Germany surely will be in difficult position in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest as there are already publications regarding her song “Perfect Life” which has strong similarities with David Guetta’s “Titanium” feat. Sia. The same case happened in the German 2013 entry but no one cared that the song was copied almost 100%. In any case no one will care ... | read the full story here

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Germany 2017: Levina to Kyiv with the song “Perfect Life”

GERMANY – Isabella “Levina” Lueen won the German national final, Unser Song after three rounds of marathon voting. Levina is a singer/songwriter based in Berlin and London. Originally from Germany music has always been the biggest passion for the musician, whether it be singing in musicals, collaborating with DJs and writing for bands, or simply listening to the radio. Her voice is unique with her low raspy tone, which can be beautifully soft as well as extremely powerful. ... | read the full story here

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