France 2017: great news from Paris for Eurovision

FRANCE – The Amir effect in Eurovision continues in France. French national broadcaster reports more than 300 submissions for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, a big increase of interest even than last year when the amazing Amir was selected. The interesting information is that both established and newcomer artists submitted their interest as we know Eurovision is not a popular event in the country. It seems this is the outcome of having 5 million viewers watching the Grand Final last ... | read the full story here

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Let’s have a round up of the latest Eurovision news around the globe

FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA – Recently the national broadcaster of FYR Macedonia announced the 23 year old Jana Burčeska, as the 2017 Eurovision representative of the country. Now MRT is calling for songs. The submissions should have a demo version of the song meeting all the EBU rules and can be submitted to the FYR Macedonia’s Head of Delegation e-mail at by December 25th. ITALY – Italian national broadcaster revealed the 8 participants for ... | read the full story here

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Eurovision 2017: Victoria Romanova and Oleksander Kharebin the Executive Producers

EBU.CH REPORTS / UKRAINE – With just six months to go, plans for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest are stepping up a gear. Host Broadcaster NTU has announced Victoria Romanova and Oleksander Kharebin as the Executive Producers of the contest which will be held in Kyiv, Ukraine in May. Stuart Barlow has also been announced as Show Producer for the 2017 event. Stuart has extensive experience of the EurovisionSong Contest and has worked on several editions of the show since 2011. Victoria ... | read the full story here

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Czechia 2017: more than 300 submissions for Kyiv!

CZECHIA – Great news came this morning from Czech Republic (now known as Czechia). More than 300 songs submitted for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, as the Head of Delegation reported on Facebook. The number itself brings hopes that the country could have good material for Kyiv while there was no nationality restrictions. The selection will be made internally and we will find out who will succeed Gabriela Gunčíková, the first Czech participant qualifying to the final. Well Done ... | read the full story here

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Myths and truths for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest

UKRAINEGOODNEWS.COM REPORTS / UKRAINE – May 2017 Kyiv to host Europe’s most prestigious song contest, Eurovision-2017. The main three shows (two semifinals and grand final) will take place on May 9, 11 and 13 and will be broadcast to more than 200 millions of spectators. The less time left the more disputes (doubts, news distortions, speculations) about financial, organizational (technical) and schedule readiness of Ukraine, in general, and Kyiv, in particular, arose. It is high time to ... | read the full story here

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The #boring statement of the day: “Eurovision will take place in Ukraine” now re-phrases Oleksandr Kharebin

UKRAINE – Following the disturbing news from Kyiv yesterday when Aleksandr Kharebin, Acting Director General of NTU that the Ukrainian capital might loose the hosting job on December 8th at the EBU General Assembly, explained himself on Facebook. Despite in the interviews speaking about risk of loosing the hosting as they are one month behind schedule (although previously they were two months behind) Mr Oleksandr Kharebin stated today that there is significant progress and there is no red ... | read the full story here

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The YOLO moment of the day: Deputy Mayor of Kyiv wonders why facts are distorted

UKRAINE – Deputy Mayor of Kyiv Oleksiy Reznikov said that facts are been distorted and this is why all media contact him whether Kyiv will host the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. Well Mr Reznikov this is happening because you don’t have a press officer (neither you or NTU) to send the proper press clarifications to the international media. Eurovision 2017 will take place in Kyiv no matter what despite what yesterday NTU Acting Director General said. Well Ukrainian politicians have to ... | read the full story here

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Eurovision 2017: Kyiv hosting in danger? incoming information keep fuzzing us

UKRAINE – Without any press release at least by the Ukrainian national broadcaster to at least explain what is happening in Kyiv, information reaching the international news desks are creating confusing atmosphere all over Europe. During an interview which is set to be aired today Acting Director General of NTU, admitted that the country is a month behind schedule into hosting the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 implying that the final decision of whether Kyiv will finally host the event ... | read the full story here

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Australia 2017: Isaiah Firebrace wants a shot at Eurovision Song Contest… to win it!

THE DAIY TELEGRAPH AUSTRALIA REPORTS / AUSTRALIA – Teen singing sensation Isaiah Firebrace wants a shot at winning the Eurovision Song Contest for Australia as he embarks on his post X-Factor pop career. The 17-year-old singer already has a following in Finland, with his debut single It’s Gotta Be You reaching No 4 on their iTunes charts, after peaking at No 1 in Australia last week. The unexpected chart love from the Finns is most likely a spin-off of the popularity of his coach Adam ... | read the full story here

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