Georgia 2017: will EBU allow the song or the background to be used?

GEORGIA – Tako just won the national final in Georgia with the song “Keep The Faith”. She was a member in the 2009 Georgian entry which withdrawn from Eurovision under the Russian pressure due to the war. In her 2017 national final performance images were used in the background about various international events in the headlines. But there is also a mention to the Russian invasion to Georgia. Clearly this makes the song political. Despite we all knew the Ukrainian entry was ... | read the full story here

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Georgia 2017: Tako Gachechiladze to Kyiv

GEORGIA – Georgia has celebrated its national final this afternoon, where 25 artists chose to represent the Caucasian country at the next Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev, Ukraine. Finally, it was Tako Gachechiladze with the theme “Keep The Faith” chosen through a mixed voting system (professional and public jury). Tako Gachechiladze is an old acquaintance of Eurovision, since in 2009 gained the Georgian preselection to go to Eurovisión. On that occasion, his band, Stephane ... | read the full story here

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Danish fans in the jury, massive interest for volunteers in Ukraine and Petra Mede on TV

DENMARK – When Denmark selects its Eurovision entry on February 25th it will be with help from five Danish Eurovision fans. They will have 50 % of the vote in both the first and second round of the contest. Usually the jury are people from the music industry but this year all five members will be people who love Eurovision. Jan Lundme from DR says that they have chosen fans to be the jury this year because they have a huge knowledge about the contest and they really care about sending the ... | read the full story here

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The latest from Australia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova

AUSTRALIA – With confirmed presence in Eurovision 2017, the Australian state SBS has not yet decided the country’s participation in the children’s version of the competition. The decision of the participation Australia in the Junior Eurovision will only be made in the second half of 2017. BELARUS – On 20 January will be held the final of the National Belarusian qualifying round of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Representative of Belarus will be determined during the ... | read the full story here

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Greece 2017: video clips to be filmed in Greece and Ukraine

GREECE – Tomorrow at 09:00 CET in the morning ERT will air an interview with Demy, the 2017 Greek representative in the Eurovision Song Contest. Yes, just an interview and no songs. You can watch the show live on The songs will be revealed in February in a special Greek final show, not a live event like in the previous years and within the show Greeks will be able to tele vote for them (no jury). It will be revealed that Demy along with the GDT (Greek Dream Team) ... | read the full story here

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The Netherlands 2017: O’G3NE already chosen their song

THE NETHERLANDS – Apparently, O’G3NE already chosen his song for Eurovision . At the end of the year, one of the girls had told a radio show that the list of possibilities had been reduced to only three proposals; yesterday, the singer-songwriter Aischa Traidia published on his official Facebook account that two of the songs were his and that none of them had been chosen. Among the 40 proposals received by AVROTROS were songs by Han Kooreneef (who previously worked with Glenn Grace ... | read the full story here

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The latest from Denmark, Romania, Cyprus, Greece, Sweden and Russia

DENMARK – On Thursday the 10 finalists for the 60th anniversary of Melodi Grand Prix will be revealed at a press conference at DR Headquarters in Copenhagen. Eurovision commentator Ole Tøpholm will present the press conference from 13.00 CET. The songs for the 10 finalists will not be revealed yet. We already know that no groups or duets will be a part of the Danish national final this year but on Thursday we will know the 10 hopeful artists that will fight for the ticket to Kyiv. After ... | read the full story here

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Stereo Soul wish the best for Demy and set eyes for 2018

GREECE – Stereo Soul duo lost the battle for Eurovision 2017 but they surely are not disappointed. Through Facebook they reacted to the news about Demy representing Greece this year wishing the best to her and the country and will do give a shot next year. It was quite a surprise for most Eurofans when Stereo Soul name leaked as one of the finalists in the ERT internal selection as they are recently introduced to the Greek music scene, without any discography except few live gigs, ... | read the full story here

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