Eurovision 2017 Opening Ceremony location causes dispute

UKRAINE – Ukrainian and Russian media created a big fuzz regarding the opening ceremony location, the St Sophia square. While most of us confused and reported St Sophia as a Cathedral while the truth is that the temple is functioning as a museum, recognised by UNESCO as a historic monument and as a heritage site is not allowed to carry out any religion functions and offends no religious beliefs. Opening Ceremony, usually taking place on the Sunday before the first semi final (therefore ... | read the full story here

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Weekly round up of news across the wonderful world of #Eurovision

Australia seems to have confirmed its participation once again in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, a participation which started back in 2014 with Jessica Mauboy who entered the Copenhagen edition as an interval act. SBS has not made yet any official announcements and there are no information of how their entrant will be selected. Australia already confirmed participation in November’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest. It is also about to see the first Asia Pacific Song Contest edition in ... | read the full story here

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Romanian broadcaster applies for Eurovision 2017

ROMANIA – The memories from the Romanian removal from the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest are still fresh and besides who’s right or wrong, the entire European community felt really sad and sorry for the Romanian representative Ovidiu Anton, who – although we all knew he wouldn’t do much in the contest – he was the most unfairly treated in the entire situation. Now Romania gives it another try. TVR general director Irina Radu speaking to regional press said that the ... | read the full story here

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Austria 2017: ORF seeks to select internally the entry for Kyiv

AUSTRIA – Austrian national broadcaster is the net country to confirm its participation to the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest and the first information about their national selection have been published. ORF will decide internally its participation for Kyiv and more information will become known soon. It was up to September 15th for countries to confirm their participation in Eurovision 2017 and now up to October 10th to withdraw without ... | read the full story here

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Eurovision 2017: locations taking shape

UKRAINE – It seems that EBU and NTU have a final agreement on the side event locations for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest as we are now know more information about the event organisation. The Opening Reception will take place at the St. Sophia Complex The Red Carpet will take place at the Sofyiska Square which will lead to the complex Euroclub is now confirmed to be at the Parkovy, an amazing complex for events Eurovillage will be decided on February 2017 The interactions of the those ... | read the full story here

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The Netherlands 2017: artist announcement on early October

THE NETHERLANDS – Dutch national broadcaster, AVROTROS, announced that the artist selection will conclude on early October and will be announced at that time. AVROTROS Eurovision spokesperson Daniel Dekker stated: “It is such a big difference, compared to the last couple of years. We were happy back then if we even got one big name to take part. We now have the luxury that several good artists have applied. We can make a strategic decision.” Omroep Brabant reports thought that girl ... | read the full story here

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Was Eurovision 2016 profitable for Stockholm? The answer is yes!

SWEDEN – SVT presented a special report about Eurovision Song Contest 2016. The aim was to show to Swedish people and furthermore to all Europeans that a big event like this can be profitable for the host city in the very end, not to mention as an organisation. Here is why Eurovision 2016 was a successful event. The City of Stockholm conducted an evaluation report from visitors and press. 80% gave top marks for the host city and 70% of Swedish were proud to have the event in their city ... | read the full story here

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