Eurovision 2017: all you need to know

EDITORIAL – The Eurovision Song Contest 2017 will be the 62nd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. It will take place in the International Exhibition Centre in Kiev, Ukraine, following Ukraine’s victory at the 2016 contest in Stockholm with the song “1944”, written and performed by Jamala. This will be the second time the contest takes place in Kiev, after 2005, and the fourth Eurovision event after hosting the Junior Eurovision Song Contests in 2009 and 2013. The ... | read the full story here

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Banning: well surely Ukraine learned from the best; the Greeks!

EDITORIAL – Banning Russian participant from the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 is another act of politicising the event, something which is going on for years now as numerous examples can be seen throughout the history of the contest. It’s not though only the political banning but there is also the issue of freedom of expression. The Ukrainian government’s decision which is clearly not supported by the national broadcaster (at least in open eyes) reminded us the recent incident ... | read the full story here

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Israel Calling 2017: why Tel Aviv knows how to party

@israelcalling last family photo #israelcalling #oikotimes #eurovision #celebratediversity A post shared by OIKOTIMES EUROVISION (@oikotimes) on Apr 5, 2017 at 4:17pm PDT EDITORIAL – Recall your teenage birthday parties, when your mom made it possible for you to have a successful party and you have the best description of why Israeli Eurovision party was great this year: Tali Eshkoli, hosting just like your own mom alongside her superhero team, led by Shai Barak gave an outstanding ... | read the full story here

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Eurovision: true victim of politics

EDITORIAL – Throughout the history of the Eurovision Song Contest, politics had a big say in the way the event was organised and taking place. Here are some of the examples with politics deeply involved in the Eurovision Song Contest. When it comes to Eurovision, one thing that has become as predictable as the ludicrous outfits and high kitsch performances is controversy. From tactical voting to political scandals, this contest has had it all. In 1978, Jordan ... | read the full story here

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Loreen: Legend or One-Hit Wonder?

EDITORIAL – Who would of thought that the fourth place finisher in Swedish Idol 2004 would be one of the most celebrated and legendary winners of the Eurovision Song Contest. That’s where it all started for Lorén Talhaoui, as she was known then. Young Lorén didn’t really hit the ground running after her Idol participation. She featured on Swedish reggae rappers’, Rob ‘n’ Raz, “The Snake” which failed to chart. Failing at that she turned her hand ... | read the full story here

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What a better way to celebrate the Carnival with Eurovision music

EDITORIAL – Carnival is a Western Christian festive season that occurs before the liturgical season of Lent. The main events typically occur during February or early March, during the period historically known as Shrovetide (or Pre-Lent). Carnival typically involves a public celebration and/or parade combining some elements of a circus, masks, and a public street party. People wear masks and costumes during many such celebrations, allowing them to lose their everyday individuality and ... | read the full story here

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Melodifestivalen: The sex files!

EDITORIAL – Hmm the order was clear… find me all the sexy performances in Melodifestivalen the last 10 years from 2006 till 2016. And how would you describe something sexy? Lets connect it with the word undress maybe…Samir and Victor gave us the idea but DJ hunk is coming to prove that is was good one! So here are the most sexy and undressed performances in Melodifestivalen from 200sex till 201sex (sex in Swedish is six… Google it!) 2000 and Sex has 3 sexy entries. At ... | read the full story here

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Eurovision 2017 First Ten: Meet them and have a say!

EDITORIAL – The first ten acts for Eurovision 2017 have been chosen. Ten countries already decided their participants. Let’s meet them and let’s have our annual First Ten Poll in which you are called to vote for the top three artists with whom you are already excited. It has nothing to do with winning Eurovision 2017 but it’s all about your excitement. Therefore, meet them and vote for them! ALBANIA Lindita Halimi recently won the annual music festival of Albania. She ... | read the full story here

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Can someone explain to me what Yakovlev’s “WTF” really means?

EDITORIAL – Sometimes (it’s no secret) I feel I am the only one moaning in the Eurovision world and you all know how bitchy I am many many times with everyone: artists, broadcasters, European Broadcasting Union. But this time someone surpassed me big time. Former EBU Executive Supervisor of Junior Eurovision Song Contest commented Sunday’s Junior Eurovision Broadcast with the phrase: “WTF did you do with this event?” But what exactly do u mean Mr Yakovlev? With the ... | read the full story here

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The JESC Jet Lag and how kids saved the event this time!

CHANGE OF DATE & TIME The definition of Jet Lag: Jet lag, medically referred to as desynchronosis and rarely as circadian dysrhythmia, is a physiological condition which results from alterations to the body’s circadian rhythms resulting from rapid long-distance trans-meridian (east–west or west–east) travel on high-speed aircraft. For example, someone travelling from New York to London feels as if the time were five hours earlier than local time. Jet lag was previously classified ... | read the full story here

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