Conchita Wurst covers Justin Bieber’s Love yourself and Il Volo member “misses” Rigopiano tragedy

ITALY – Gianluca Ginoble, member of the trio Il Volo, spoke about “missing” his trip to Hotel Rigopiano which was buried under the snow after the latest earthquakes in central Italy. “I had to be there at the Hotel Rigopiano during this time. I have miraculously escaped the tragedy but I’m desperate for what happened and for all the victims. It was a beautiful place and Roberto, the owner, is a dear friend […] I’ve cried all night long watching the news on TV. It’s a drama ... | read the full story here

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Belarus 2017: Geoff reviews the finalists; have a say in our poll

BELARUS – One day before the national final of Belarus, Geoff from Belgium reviews the finalists participating in the 2017 national selection of the country. 13 acts will compete tomorrow and the winner will be decided by jury and televoting. In the video, our editor reviews the songs and the artists, gives his favourites. In the following poll you can vote for your top three ... | read the full story here

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Greece 2017: watch Demy’s interview on ERT

GREECE – As revealed by last night, Demy, the 2017 Greek representative spoke to ERT about her Eurovision venture and revealed many things among them that the video clips will be filmed in Greece and Ukraine as the two countries are true bonded due to the big Greek community. She also revealed that she was discussing Eurovision participation in the past but she wasn’t feeling ready for it because Eurovision is a difficult project and needs hard work. She praised the ... | read the full story here

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Spain 2017: Paula Rojo speaks exclusively to

Can you introduce yourself for our readers? My name is Paula Rojo. I come from Asturias (north of Spain) and I’m a singer-songwriter. I’m 26 years old and I currently live in Madrid. What is the message behind your song? There’s always a message behind my songs. In this case, I’m talking about a friendship that could have been something more but finally didn’t, because of the fear we feel when we’re about to take that important step. That’s why it all turns out to be “what it ... | read the full story here

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