United Kingdom 2017: who’s your favourite to win? vote in our poll

The BBC today confirms the names of the six acts and songs that will take to the Eurovision: You Decide stage this Friday 27 January to compete for the honour of representing the United Kingdom at Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Hosted by Mel Giedroyc, the 90-minute UK Selection show will be broadcast live on BBC Two at 7.30pm from The Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith and will feature performances by the six competing acts before the vote opens. The six acts and songs were revealed today on BBC ... | read the full story here

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Iceland 2017: who’s your favourite? have a say in our poll

LISTEN TO THE PARTICIPANTS Hildur Kristín Stefánsdóttir – Bammbaramm Svala Björgvinsdóttir – Ég veit Thad Páll Rósinkranz & Kristina Bærendsen – Þú og ég Eff Rúnar Rúnarsson – Mér við Hlíð Juli Heiðar Halldórsson & Thordis Birna Borgarsdóttir – Heim til THIN Linda Hartmanns – Ástfangin Sólveig Ásgeirsdóttir – Treystu to mig Erna Mist Pétursdóttir – Skuggamynd Aron Brink – Þú hefur dáleitt mig Daði Freyr ... | read the full story here

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Belarus 2017: Geoff reviews the finalists; have a say in our poll

BELARUS – One day before the national final of Belarus, Geoff from Belgium reviews the finalists participating in the 2017 national selection of the country. 13 acts will compete tomorrow and the winner will be decided by jury and televoting. In the video, our editor reviews the songs and the artists, gives his favourites. In the following poll you can vote for your top three ... | read the full story here

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Spain 2017: Paula Rojo speaks exclusively to

Can you introduce yourself for our readers? My name is Paula Rojo. I come from Asturias (north of Spain) and I’m a singer-songwriter. I’m 26 years old and I currently live in Madrid. What is the message behind your song? There’s always a message behind my songs. In this case, I’m talking about a friendship that could have been something more but finally didn’t, because of the fear we feel when we’re about to take that important step. That’s why it all turns out to be “what it ... | read the full story here

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Spain 2017: oikopanel listens and reviews the finalists; have a say in our poll

SPAIN – The oikopanel gathered around and listened to the full versions for the Spanish national final, Objetivo Eurovisón 2017. After listening to the six entries we awarded them our Eurovision points! SPAIN 2017 PTS Victor Fred Darren Olivier Geoff Jaime  LeKlein 55  12  7  5  12  12  7  Maika 40  4  7  6  3  10  10  Manel Navarro 39  8  6  8  5  4  8  Mario Jefferson 37 ... | read the full story here

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Spain 2017: here are the full versions of Objetivo Eurovisión; vote for them!

SPAIN – The Spanish national broadcaster revealed today the full versions of the songs for the 2017 Objetivo Eurovisión, the show through which the country will decide its participation for the Kyiv Eurovision Song Contest. Spain will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. The Spanish broadcaster Televisión Española (TVE) will organise the national final Objetivo Eurovisión 2017 in order to select the Spanish entry for the 2017 contest in Kiev, Ukraine. Objetivo Eurovisión ... | read the full story here

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