Why Your Website Speed Matters?

Today, there are innumerable websites on the internet, due to which online competition has never been fiercer. Many factors help convert a potential customer to a loyal customer, and one of these factors is your site’s speed. A site that loads fast

How to Properly Use an RSS Feed Reader?

RSS is making a much needed comeback and you can’t convince me otherwise. It’s my favorite tool to date and has made quite the difference in how much time I spend online. It’s also helped me focus (we all know how difficult

Are Coding Bootcamps Useful?

With the increased demand for coding lessons, it’s not just the coding classes, but coding bootcamps, too have witnessed a surge in demand. The question then is: are these coding bootcamps – with their intense, rigorous training formats – actually useful? The


Use Business Marketing to Drive Sales

Who uses marketing for a business? Smart business owners use marketing tactics to advertise their business, get their products and services in front of clients, and increase company revenues. Times are tough, and those who want their business to thrive are turning