Spain 2017: local press claims tweet riddle shows OT artist for Kyiv

LAINFORMACION.COM REPORTS / SPAIN – Local press, reports today that they understood an RTVE tweet hinting the 2017 Spanish representative to the Eurovision Song Contest. Their conclusion is that RTVE will choose and OT participant for Kyiv. For the website Rosa, Chenoa, Verónica, Nuria Fergó, Gisela, Natalia, Mireia or Geno could be one of the participants to fly the Spanish flag in Kyiv. Solo act, group of females? who knows. There are also information claiming that ... | read the full story here

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Spain 2017: Ruth Lorenzo open to selection

SPAIN – Spanish 2014 representative, Ruth Lorenzo who is rumoured to be in contention to represent Spain at Eurovision 2017 has recently stated in an interview that she already has a song prepared for the contest but that she would prefer a male participant to take part instead. Ruth Lorenzo has not confirmed is her new song is performed in English or in the native Spanish language, something which caused controversy at this years’ contest. She has however said that she would be ... | read the full story here

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Spain 2017: TVE still undecided on National Final format

SPAIN – Just like every other year and while every other country is already preparing their national selection process, TVE have yet to do anything. Rumours are that TVE wishes to hold a national final with semifinals, like it did in 2011 and previously via Operación Triunfo (Fame Academy). Toñi Prieto, director of entertainment for RTVE has recently confirmed via interview that the idea is to have 13 programmes which result in a national final but that there is concern at whether the ... | read the full story here

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