Serbia 2017: Tijana Bogićević internally selected

SERBIA – Tijana Bogićević is internally selected to represent Serbia in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. She is known to the Eurovision world as in 2011 she was back singer for Nina in Düsseldorf. The song will be presented in March and will be composed by Borislav Milanov, Bo Persson, Johan Alkenas and Lisa Ann-Mari Linder. You can check Tijana in the video above which is not the Eurovision entry. ... | read the full story here

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Serbia 2017: are Vladimir Graić and Danica Krstić getting ready for Kyiv?

Svi smo tuuuuu 😁 #revolutionstudiobygraja #vladimirgraic #vladimirgraicmusic #danicakrstic #milandimitrijevic #miapijade #music #musicstudio #team #friends #love A post shared by Mia Pijade (@edajipaim) on Jan 5, 2017 at 10:42am PST SERBIA – The #eurovision hashtag and the one of #RTS is on the photo Mia Pijade posted on Instagram yesterday, hinting potential Eurovision participation. She a sound engineer is in the studio with famous Eurovision composer Vladimir Graić so there must be ... | read the full story here

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EBU urges Ukraine to lift the the “black list”

SWITZERLAND – The EBU has urged Ukraine to guarantee entry to all Russian artists for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. It comes after Ukraine compiled a blacklist of Russian singers which are banned from entering the country since they pose a “threat to national security”. In a statement, the EBU said, “We are holding the talks with Kyiv for all blacklisted Russians to be able to come and stay in the country during the Eurovision weeks. Eurovision Song Contest 2017 will ... | read the full story here

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November 18: Dunja is hoverboarding the stage

VOTE IN JUNIOR EUROPREDICTION OLIVIER’S VIEW It’s hoverboard time guys! It’s a great, powerful and catchy entry with great graphics and light effects but… Does Dunja really have to stay on this hoverboard the whole song? She looks so much better at the end of the song when she’s jumping off the device. I guess we’ve reached the gimmick limit here… Nevertheless, Dunja is jut flawless and gives an impressive performance. She should score well on Sunday, and all I can do is ... | read the full story here

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November 16: First Rehearsal of Serbia

SERBIA – Wake up guys, this is Serbia now! And here is the second hoverboard act this year (thank you once again Mr Zelmerlöw). But isn’t standing on this machine the whole song a bit too much??? The graphics look good and so do the lights but unfortunately, so far, the girl seems to be really focusing on the hoverboard and does not look that confident. Nevertheless, the voice is pretty good and, at the end of the song, when she eventually jumps off of the hoverboard, you looks much more ... | read the full story here

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JESC 2016: Ruslan (Belarus 2015) reviews Belarus and Serbia; oikopanel votes!

REVIEW by RUSLAN Belarus: Successful song, because i know, that its too hard to make Russian language sons so fashionable. Strong voice and dance skill. Serbia: Strong vocal and nice song, no more comments to it, its interesting to see her live performance in Malta INFORMATION about RUSLAN Thanks to the wisdom of his grandmother, Ruslan has had lots of success singing and performing. He won first place and accolades in competitions and festivals that include ‘Voice: Ukraine’ and ‘New ... | read the full story here

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Željko Joksimović pens Antonis Remos’ brand new ballad

SERBIA – Mr Eurovision for Serbia, Željko Joksimović is in the studio with Greek superstar Antonis Remos to record the new ballad “Na m’agapas” (To love me). The song will be in Greek lyrics by Vagia Kalantzi and will be soon presented in Antonis’ new album. The Serbian composer and the Greek artist met in Belgrade at the Minacord studios to record the song and Instagram got on fire. Χτες βράδυ κάπου στο Βελιγραδι !!! Καλημέρες ... | read the full story here

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Serbia 2017: Saša Kovačević indeed a hot favourite for Kyiv?

SERBIA – Serbian media have reported that 31-year-old pop singer Saša Kovačević (one of the artists in our wish-list recently posted on is among the favourites to represent the country at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. Kovačević is a hugely popular singer in Serbia and has released a number singles and albums including a string of hits this summer. Although broadcaster RTS has made no comments on how it will choose its ESC representative, an internal selection is ... | read the full story here

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JESC 2016: Dunja Jeličić will sing ‘U La La La’ in Malta

SERBIA – Dunja Jeličić is selected by RTS to represent Serbia in the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest and the song which she will perform is titled “U La La La”. Vladimir Graić composed the song and Leontina Vukomanović with Dunja Jeličić wrote the lyrics. Dung was selected by RTS in cooperation with the Children’s Belgrade Cultural Center (CBCC) and a jury membered by Ivana Peters, Ivana Tabori Obradović, Tatjana Perović Vladušić, and Vladimir Graić. ... | read the full story here

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Bojana gets ready for her theatrical début

SERBIA – The 2015 Serbian representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, Bojana Stamenov, has performed at the third annual Gay Pride March in Belgrade last weekend. It was the first time that musical acts took place at the March, which capped off Pride Week in the Serbian capital. Bojana was one of the three performers to take part. It comes in the lead-up to her theatrical début, where she will perform in the musical “The Secret of the Black Hand” together with a cast of seventy ... | read the full story here

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