Didier Marouani detained in Moscow after plagiarism row with Philipp Kirkorov

MOSCOW – Didier Marouani, who founded disco band Space, detained with lawyer in bank in Moscow after row over songs with Philipp Kirkorov. The leader of a cult French disco band has been detained in Moscow following a plagiarism dispute with a Russian pop star who recently made the news speaking about his long friendship with US president-elect Donald Trump. Didier Marouani, who founded the band Space in 1977, was detained with his Russian representative Igor Trunov in a bank in downtown ... | read the full story here

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Russia 2017: Nargis Zakirova will not be the representative

RUSSIA – Nargis Zakirova, the new web rumoured representative of Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest, is not going to be the country’s representative in Kyiv, although some fan sites speculate it. Despite her history with The Voice of Russia (produced by Channel One, which is back in the Eurovision selection this year), her Instagram message suggest a New Year surprise. Nargis Zakirova is most likely to be within the qualifiers in the Belarusian national final as the broadcaster ... | read the full story here

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Dimitris Kontopoulos wins Russian Grammy for Sergey’s song

RUSSIA – At the Moscow Olympic Stadium the Russian Grammy awards took place this week and for the first time in 22 years, a Eurovision entry wins the award. Dimities Kontopoulos, composer of the “You’re the only one” won the Grammy for the Russian version of the song, performed by Sergey Lazarev. The ceremony took place among 40,000 spectators while the song is for 8 months now in the Russian radio ... | read the full story here

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November 18: Sofia from Russia performs her fairytale

VOTE IN JUNIOR EUROPREDICTION OLIVIER’S VIEW The Russian entry this year has it all in my opinion: great song, great performers and great staging. No wonder why they stand as favourite for Sunday’s show. As usual with Russia, it is perfect, almost too perfect to be honest. The act kind of lacks soul and I find it a bit too “mechanic” but I can tell it will do very well with both expert and kids juries all over Europe. FOTIS’ VIEW Although the performance is making you feel ... | read the full story here

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November 16: First Rehearsal of Russia

RUSSIA – Girls from Russia are opening this second rehearsal day. No surprise here, the so-called favourite is already very professional in the staging. Nice outfits, discreet but enchanting use of the LED screens with blue waves, minimalistic choreography… The voices are flawless and their ballad is a powerful one. Nevertheless, we would have expected something a bit more “spectacular” from Russia on a visual point of view. But I guess, the delegation has some surprises for us in ... | read the full story here

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JESC 2016: Sergey Lazarev and Tolmachevy Sisters at the Russian farewell party

RUSSIA – Today there will be a farewell party for one of the favourite participants in the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Russian team will give a party at 45th Parallel Restaurant in Moscow an guess what: Tolmachevy Sisters will be there and perform to bring good luck to Sofia Fisenko and her friends. The Russian twins won the 2006 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, also participated in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest and Water of Life Project will also perform on stage. One more ... | read the full story here

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