JESC 2016: when 1 becomes 4! check the revamped Russian entry

RUSSIA – We all know how impatient Russia is about winning Eurovision again. Well it seems that their interest in being triumphant in the Junior contest is almost as strong. Despite being a very early favourite, Russian broadcaster has felt the need to rework its entry and can now be called a clear favourite (so far). A few weeks ago, young Sofia won the national selection with her mystical song “Living Water”. Well, bye bye Sofia and welcome girl band “Water of ... | read the full story here

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Aminata’s Russian experience

LATVIA – This year’s edition of Голос (The voice of Russia) is clearly becoming the Eurovision veterants place to be! Not only are Dima Bilan (Russia 2006, 2008) and Polina Gagarina (Russia 2015) judges on the show, but for this 5th edition, a familiar name can be seen on the list of candidates. Latvia Eurovision entrant (2015) and composer (2016) Aminata Savadogo is giving the show a try, in quite a successful way! During the blind auditions, the artist performed Я ... | read the full story here

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Is Russia counting on a Ukrainian fail?

RUSSIA – Ukrainian decision failure seems to have opened Russian appetite for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest hosting as Ukraine keeps delaying the announcement of the host city country. Regional media report more or less that Russia should deserve or should claim the hosting of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest if EBU and NTU fail to come into an agreement for the hosting of the event. They admit that Australia as a second runner up would have the right to claim the hosting but its ... | read the full story here

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Why Philip Kirkorov wants Donald Trump as US President

BBC.CO.UK REPORTS / RUSSIA – On stage in Sochi, Russia’s most famous pop star whips off his sequin-encrusted angel wings and launches into a love song. Philipp Kirkorov was once referred to as Russia’s Michael Jackson. The man who called him that was America’s Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump. “Oh, Donald Trump, oh my God,” exclaims Kirkorov, when I mention the tycoon’s name. “First time we met, we had a feeling we know each other ... | read the full story here

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