Find out why Russian withdrawal will affect viewing figures and which country could benefit the most

RUSSIA- A historic low is expected in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest viewing rates as Russia is now out of the competition and also from the broadcasting of the three shows. Up to recent years a country not broadcasting the event was not eligible for participating next year but the rule doesn’t exist anymore. 15 million viewers seems to be the share of the Russian audience in the viewing rates in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest according to local media (for all three shows). EBU also ... | read the full story here

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Russia 2017: Kremlin, Yulia and HoD react on the crisis

RUSSIA – The Kremlin, the Russian Head of Delegation and singer Yulia Samoylova reacted to the withdrawal of Russia from the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. The Kremlin attacks the EBU Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the Russian president Vladimir Putin, made today the following statement: “We can only express regret that Eurovision organizers have failed to fulfill their own rules and to urge the country that had expressed its willingness to host this contest to observe the ... | read the full story here

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Russian national broadcaster officially withdraws from Eurovision 2017

RUSSIA – Russian national broadcaster officially confirms its withdrawal from the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest after failing to negotiate with the European Broadcasting Union over the Yulia Samoylova participation in Kyiv’s event. The ban of the singer by the Ukrainian authorities caused a big crisis among the EBU, Russian and Ukrainian broadcasters. Russian national broadcaster also confirms they will not air the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. the story is in ... | read the full story here

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Russian Burger King branch owner offers a billion rubles to let Samoylova go to Eurovision

RUSSIA – The Russian branch of the fast food chain Burger King sent a letter to the Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko, requesting permission for Russian singer, Yuliya Samoylova, to enter Ukraine for the Eurovision Song Contest, reports If the president of Ukraine accepts the offer, the company is ready to transfer up to one billion rubles ($14.5 million USD) to the budget of Ukraine. The company specifies that the project will be implemented within the framework of the ... | read the full story here

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Friday Briefing: Minus One become Minus Two, Russia suspends party and Emmelie sings the UK entry

CYPRUS – The Cypriot power band Minus One are soon to be minus two, as lead singer Francois Micheletto and bass player Antonis Loizides part ways with the group. In the band’s page the message was the following: “It is with sadness that we inform you that our lead singer Francois and our bass player Antonis have decided, for important, but totally unrelated personal reasons, to part ways with the band. Our hearts are with them. They have been two amazing partners on a journey which ... | read the full story here

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Russian / EBU relations once again in tension

RUSSIA – In a recent interview Eurovision Reference Group Chairman Dr. Frank-Dieter Freiling discussed several issues about the Eurovision Song Contest such as the BIG 5 system, the participation of Australia and potential international entries and of course the issue with Yulia Samoilova as reported earlier today. In that interview Mr Freiling said that Russian national broadcaster has not booked their accommodation for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv. Few moments ... | read the full story here

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Russian based artists in support for Yulia Samoilova

RUSSIA – Russian based artists have started flashmob performing Flame is Burning in support of Yulia Samoylova. The line up includes former Eurovision entrants Dmitry Koldun © and Arsenium as well as Oleg Gazmanov, Olga Orlova, Valeriya, Margarita Pozoyan, Anna Shulgina, Anastasiya Kraynova, Lyudmila Sokolova and Yaroslava Dyagtyarova. (source: / translation: ... | read the full story here

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The Monday Eurovision Telegram with the latest headlines

Iveta Mukuchyan, the 2016 Eurovision entrant for Armenia published her video performance for Loveware which took place in Los Angeles’ Pan Armenian Entertainment Awards back in November. Frank-Dieter Freiling the Chairman of the Eurovision Song Contest Reference Group spoke recently about the system of big 5 going directly to the final: “The big five members have a special arrangement for a long time that they will perform directly together with the host country in the final. The ... | read the full story here

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EBU seeks alternative options for Russia

TASS.COM REPORTS / UKRAINE – The European Broadcasting Union (EBU), continues to investigate options to ensure Russian contestant Yulia Samoilova’s participation in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, EBU Senior Communications officer Dave Goodman told TASS. Kyiv earlier responded negatively to the suggestion to broadcast her song during the contest. When asked if there were any options that could provide Samoilova with an opportunity to participate, Goodman said that “we are ... | read the full story here

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Russia rejects satellite option and attacks the EBU

RUSSIA – Russian national broadcaster, not only rejects the offer for a satellite performance of Yulia Samoilova for at least the second semi final but also attacks the EBU considering them as the only responsible for the situation. In their statement they say: “The first channel received the official proposal of the EBU, which is that the Russian participant of the Eurovision Song Contest Julia Samoilova performed in the semifinal of the contest via live broadcast from Moscow . In ... | read the full story here

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