JESC 2016: Has Russian national final winner leaked?

RUSSIA – With the national final taken place today and recorded for tomorrow’s official broadcast, it seems that the winner and ultimately the 2016 Russian representative in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest has leaked. The national final took place at Artke Childen Camp in Crimea with 16 participating acts. The mixed vote of jury and public voting (50% each) lead to Sofia Fisenko, Duet FRIENDS and Maria Zhuravleva to the super final. It was Sofia who seems to have taken the ticket ... | read the full story here

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How’s Dima Bilan explaining the big weight loss?

Сижу значит " на бассейне " и вдруг @elena_kurianova ) foto by она ) #билан #димабилан / Sitting casually " at the pool " and suddenly @elena_kurianova) foto by her ) #Bilan #dimabilan A photo posted by bilanofficial (@bilanofficial) on Aug 9, 2016 at 1:57am PDT RUSSIA – The 2008 Eurovision Song Contest winner and Athens runner up, Russian star Dima Bilan worried everyone online with the big weight loss over the past few months. ... | read the full story here

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Dima Bilan and Polina Gagarina participated in the Olympic Games torch relay

RUSSIA – Russian eurostars Dima Bilan and Polina Gagarina participated in the Olympic Games torch relay in Brazil on Friday. Dima, running with the Olympic flame, passed it on to Polina in Guapimirim, Brazil, as the torch makes its way to Rio de Janeiro in the lead-up to the Summer Olympic Games which start later next week. “It’s a really historical moment. I was so excited. I was crying … I wasn’t prepared for this”, Polina said. Dima described the torch rally as a “crazy ... | read the full story here

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JESC 2016: Russian finalists revealed

RUSSIA – Russian broadcaster Karusel TV alongside the Academy of Popular Music Igor Krutoy announced the finalists for the Junior Eurovision 2016 national selection. The winner will be decided by tele voting and jury voting in a final which will take place at the Artek Children Camp in Crimea. In the final all performances will be pre-recorded while the results will be announced live. The 16 hopefuls are: THE RUSSIAN JESC FINAL PARTICIPANTS Yulia Assessorova Liliya Verdiyan Sofia ... | read the full story here

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Will Sergey Lazarev return to Eurovision with a vengeance?

RUSSIA – The winner of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest tele voting, Sergey Lazarev seems quite intrigued to return to the Eurovision Song Contest after his recent interview to Russian magazine I do not think about that now. The contest ended just two months ago, and I’m really happy that my life was such a great experience. When I went to the competition, I immediately said what is important is not the place for me, which I take, but it is important to adequately represent ... | read the full story here

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Turmoil in Slavianski Bazaar; Jamala excluded from the event

BELARUS – Russian magazine reports that Belarusian organisers of Slavianski Bazaar which kicks of on July 14th removed Jamala from the line up of the performers and invited the Russian Eurovision 2016 representative Sergey Lazarev instead. According to the magazine the problems were two: the extreme demands of the singer to attend the event and the political complications which could be created especially while Ukraine and Russia are still in dispute. Eurovision winner is usually ... | read the full story here

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