JESC 2016: opening ceremony on November 14 at Teatro Manoel

MALTA – According to an announcement by TVM, the opening ceremony will take place at Teatro Manoel and not at at the MCC as previously announced. The date is now confirmed and it will be November 14th where the draw for the order of appearance will also take place. INFORMATION ABOUT TEATRO MANOEL The Manoel Theatre (Maltese: It-Teatru Manoel) is a theatre and important performing arts venue in Malta. The theatre is often referred to as simply “The Manoel”, and is named after ... | read the full story here

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JESC 2016: Maltese song for Junior Eurovision to be launched tomorrow

MALTA – The music video of Parachute, interpreted by Christina Magrin, will be broadcast after tomorrow’s 8.00 p.m. news bulletin on TVM, and will also be broadcast simultaneously on The Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be held at the MCC on 20 November, in less than a month’s time. This is the second time the event is being held in Malta, after the Maltese song interpreted by Destiny Chukunyere won last year’s edition. A record 17 countries are taking part this year. ... | read the full story here

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Malta 2017: local press reveals major change for MESC!

MALTA – The island which is going to host the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest is under a major change for the senior Eurovision Song Contest selection. reports that based on an interview with the new PBS CEO. John Bundy, who took over the PBS CEO positions from Anton Attard, most likely due to the high spendings for Eurovision Song Contest while the country didn’t manage to do well in Stockholm, said that the national selection for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest will ... | read the full story here

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Ira Losco hails Data Commissioner’s ruling mentioning

MALTA – Following the dramatic developments in Malta concerning the spendings of PBS for Eurovision 2016 participation and Ira Losco, as reported via Times of Malta, Maltese participant Ira Losco reacted today on Facebook posting her own statement and mentioning (thank you dear) “Amen . Again I would like to thank all those who have supported me throughout my career and precisely because of all those years of working relationships, many were on board ... | read the full story here

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Malta’s Eurovision spending can be kept secret, data commissioner rules

TIMESOFMALTA.COM REPORTS / MALTA – Details of Malta’s spending on the Eurovision Song Contest do not need to be made public as the information relates to a “purely commercial activity”, the data commissioner has ruled. The Times of Malta filed a Freedom of Information request in May for a full breakdown of all spending by PBS and other government departments on this year’s Eurovision, after reports of a “limitless” budget allocation in the hope of boosting singer Ira Losco’s ... | read the full story here

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JESC 2016: a stunning stage design presented

PBS.COM.MT REPORTS / MALTA – Mediterranean Conference Centre will in six weeks be turned into a massive television complex as Valletta will host the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016. Seventeen countries, including Malta, are participating in this year’s edition. The theme chosen by Malta is “Embrace” which was inspired by core values of the contest: Connectivity, Diversity, Creativity and Respect. The core of the contest will take place in Republic Hall which will see its stage ... | read the full story here

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Things you should know about Malta

MALTA – With a population near 426,000, the island of Malta, also known as Island of the Knights has more than 1,6 million tourists per year. Here are some interesting facts you need to know, if you visit the island, especially now that the country will host for the second time the Junior Eurovision Song Contest (and you should visit) Average temperatures: 23º C (daytime, annual). Lowest average temperature: 12º C (January daily average). Highest average temperature: 27º C (August ... | read the full story here

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JESC 2016: two months left for the final night, but we have lots of questions!

MALTA – In exactly two months the 14th edition of Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place in the – unanimously recognised – amazing island of Malta. One and a half month though is remaining for the delegations, fans and press / media representatives to land in Valletta and we are still in complete darkness regarding the preparations and therefore lot of people are reluctant to even book their trip to the island. One and a half month before the arrival of the ... | read the full story here

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Maltese University launch a Eurovision Song Contest course!

MALTA – October 2016 will see the start of something momentous. The University of Malta’s Centre for the Liberal Arts and Science will be launching a course focusing on a critical analysis of the Eurovision Song Contest. Yes, you read that right – the extremely popular annual show, which is viewed by over 90% of Malta’s population, will now have actual trained professionals critiquing it. This will make for a dramatic change from the endless amateur statuses we’ve ... | read the full story here

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Congratulations: Ira Losco becomes a mom!

TIMESOFMALTA.COM REPORTS – Ira Losco gave birth to a baby boy last night, the singer’s partner Sean Gravina announced on Facebook early this morning. “Our baby Harry was born last night and Ira is recovering perfectly, she was great,” Mr Gravina wrote, adding that the delivery “wasn’t an easy one.” Ira Losco is one of the biggest names in Maltese music, and her career spanning over 15 years has seen her win more than 20 music awards. She has represented ... | read the full story here

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