Malta 2017: TVM clarifies there will be no song change after the MESC final

TVM.COM.MT REPORTS / MALTA – With a month and half to go before the finals of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, the first meeting for the 16 finalists was held to inform them of the regulations. One of these is that the winning song cannot be changed after it is chosen by the public through televoting. The Chief Executive of the Public Broadcasting Services, John Bundy, said that the winning song may not be changed to represent Malta in the Eurovision contest being held in May in ... | read the full story here

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Malta 2017: here are the 16 finalists and the list includes our beloved Franklin and Brooke!

The 16 song finalists for the much-awaited Malta Eurovision Song Contest to be held on 18th February have been announced. In all, 156 songs were submitted of which 60 were selected and later were reduced to 16 by a panel of experts in the Malta musical scene. The jury heard recordings of the songs during a special session at St James Cavalier in the presence of composers and singers. The 16 selected were announced by PBS CEO John Bundy this evening. For the first time the final of the Malta ... | read the full story here

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Malta 2017: TVM presents 60 qualifiers from 156 submissions

MALTA – announces the 60 songs selected among 156 songs which applied to participate in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2017. PBS, which organizes the festival, said that now another adjudication will be made of the songs in the preliminary list for the selection of the 16 finalist songs for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2017, to be held next February. The preliminary list of the selected songs is shown hereunder in alphabetical order. Song Singer/a 1 Beautifully Bruised ... | read the full story here

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Welcome to the grand final of the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. 17 countries participate, most of the favourites to win. The Junior Europrediction voters think Albania and Italy are the favourites while Ben Camille and Valerie Vella will host the exciting show. Yes, it’s not as big as in 2014 when took place again in Malta but still Maltese passion is all over the MCC auditorium. Enjoy the show in the review by our Spanish editor Jaime Solloso. Stay tuned for more ... | read the full story here

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November 18: backstage stories and more information

The trophy is out This year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest trophy is made from solid glass with sand blasted and painted detailing. The trophy is made up of a cylindrical tube, embraced by a swirl running from bottom to top. The fused glass is coloured in red and white, which resembles Malta’s national flag. Its creation is aimed to bring out the best of the material itself as well as the talents of highly skilled craftsmen and artists and artisans who handcrafted each trophy. The Chief ... | read the full story here

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