Conchita Wurst covers Justin Bieber’s Love yourself and Il Volo member “misses” Rigopiano tragedy

ITALY – Gianluca Ginoble, member of the trio Il Volo, spoke about “missing” his trip to Hotel Rigopiano which was buried under the snow after the latest earthquakes in central Italy. “I had to be there at the Hotel Rigopiano during this time. I have miraculously escaped the tragedy but I’m desperate for what happened and for all the victims. It was a beautiful place and Roberto, the owner, is a dear friend […] I’ve cried all night long watching the news on TV. It’s a drama ... | read the full story here

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Italy 2017: Michele Bravi confesses “I fell in love with a boy”

ITALY – The singer before going on the Sanremo stage tells the first love. For a director. “I met a person that excited me, the rest is irrelevant ‘ “I would not use labels, older generations and are descended from a line of reasoning which I consider obsolete and even a little ‘discriminatory. I prefer to speak of a fluid relationship. My fans, when I told him that the new record would speak of a love story, they would not have asked if it was a man or a woman, ... | read the full story here

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Italy 2017: Sanremo Festival hosts and guests announced

ITALY – In less than a month now, the small Liguria city of Sanremo will host one of the most popular national finals of the Eurovision season, the one and only “Festival della Canzone Italiana di Sanremo”. For this 67th edition, Carlo Conti remains the host and artistic director of the show, and is promising us a splendid Sanremo week next February. For the event, his co-hostess will be popular TV personality Maria DeFilippi. During a press conference, the list of guest ... | read the full story here

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Il Volo (Italy 2015) refuse to sing at Trumps inauguration ceremony!

ITALY – Il Volo, the 2015 Italian representatives in the Eurovision Song Contest were invited to perform at the Donald Trump inauguration ceremony on January 20th. The band refused the proposal saying “We do not agree with your ideas and we can not support who is based on xenophobia and racism.” IL VOLO STATEMENT “We do not agree with your ideas and we can not support those that are based on populism and xenophobia and racism ‘ claim, asking for respect for those ... | read the full story here

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The San Marino scandal turns nasty: Tony Maiello reacts on Arisa’s case

SAN MARINO – It alls started when Italian singer Tony Maiello, posted on Facebook the chat he had with someone from SMRTV asking him 500,000 Euros to represent San Marino in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. He rejected the proposal with an ironic comment saying “you want them in banknotes or coins?” Few days later Arisa, the famous Italian singer from Sanremo Festival, confirmed she was approached by the state television of the Italian micro-state. She was offered the ... | read the full story here

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Italy 2017: here are the Sanremo Festival participants

ITALY – Familiar names and megastars of the Italian music industry announced tonight as participants of the 2017 Sanremo Festival through which anyway Italy will seek its representative for the Eurovision Song Contest next May. The winner will have a say wether he or she will represent the country in Kyiv but ultimately one of the participants will be the Italian representative (either from the established or newcomer artists). In the list we can see interesting names such as SANREMO 2017 ... | read the full story here

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Italy 2017: did the Sanremo Festival line up leak?

ITALY – It seems there are some information (unverified) from Italy regarding the Sanremo Festival as our colleagues at reported today. Band Satuto which is not qualified to the list with the 22 participants of the festival claim they know the list with Campioni which is due to be announced on December 12th by Sanremo 2017 host, Carlo Conti. the band from Torino tried many times to go to the live show of Sanremo despite they tried many times since they were ... | read the full story here

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