The Eurovision Telegram with the last information for many countries

CZECH REPUBLIC – Martina Bárta selected internally by the national broadcaster few days ago. Today it was announced that she will perform the song “My Turn” the video clip of which is underway in the filming process. The song penned by a British composer. You can listen to a snippet of it here. MONTENEGRO – Swedish song for Hovig titled “Gravity”. Swedish song for Slavko Kalezić titled “Space” the recording of which took place few days ago in ... | read the full story here

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Italy 2017: will Francesco be forced to change lyrics?

ITALY 2017 – It is already one of the fans favourite for the Eurovision Song Contest with extremely high positive comments all over the web and more than 10 million views already on YouTube. The Italian entry seems to rock this year (once again) but there seems there is a small problem. Francesco Gabbani will be obliged to change one line of the lyrics of his song “Occidentali’s Karma” since it violates EBU rules. More specific the first line of the second verse is ... | read the full story here

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Italy 2017: Francesco Gabbani agreed to go to Kyiv; Hurray!

ITALY – During the press conference Francesco Gabbani the winner of the 2017 Sanremo Festival announced his accepting the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 challenge and will represent Italy in Kyiv with the song “Occidentali’s Karma”. Participant Song Title Votes Rank Press Public Total Francesco Gabbani 10 “Occidentali’s Karma” TBA TBA TBA 1 Fiorella Mannoia 4 “Che sia benedetta” TBA TBA TBA 2 Ermal Meta 13 “Vietato morire” TBA TBA TBA ... | read the full story here

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Sanremo Festival 2017: Francesco Gabbani wins!

ITALY – Francesco Gabbani just won the 2017 edition of Sanremo Festival with the song “Occidentali’s Karma”. He was among the 3 super finalists which means alongside: Fiorello Mannoia (bookies favourite) and Ermal Meta. ARTIST INFORMATION Francesco Gabbani (born in Carrara, Tuscany, on 9 September 1982) is an Italian singer-songwriter. He rose to fame after winning the Newcomer’s section of the Sanremo Music Festival 2016 with the song “Amen”. The song ... | read the full story here

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February 10: results from Hungary and Italy plus poll for #melfest dress rehearsal

SWEDEN – The dress rehearsal for the second semi final in Malmö, Sweden concluded tonight and already two favourites declared by the audience poll. Mariette who spoke to last night tops the audience poll with 30.2% while the handsome Benjamin Ingress who also spoke to at the rehearsals is second with 29.7% of the votes. ROMANIA – “Eurovision: The Chosen Ones” is the title of Sunday’s TVR show show in which the 15 semi finalists for the ... | read the full story here

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Italy 2017: your guide to this week’s Sanremo Festival

ITALY – Today the 2017 edition of Sanremo Festival begins and it will conclude on Saturday night with the grand final of the show and the announcement of who’s going to represent Italy in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. The Sanremo Festival takes place at the Teatro Ariston in Sanremo at 20:30 CET and will be aired live via RAI also via live webcast. Participants Song Title Al Bano Di rose e di spine Elodie Tutta colpa mia Paola Turci Fatti bella per te Samuel Vedrai Fiorella ... | read the full story here

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