Greece 2017: watch Demy’s interview on ERT

GREECE – As revealed by last night, Demy, the 2017 Greek representative spoke to ERT about her Eurovision venture and revealed many things among them that the video clips will be filmed in Greece and Ukraine as the two countries are true bonded due to the big Greek community. She also revealed that she was discussing Eurovision participation in the past but she wasn’t feeling ready for it because Eurovision is a difficult project and needs hard work. She praised the ... | read the full story here

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Greece 2017: video clips to be filmed in Greece and Ukraine

GREECE – Tomorrow at 09:00 CET in the morning ERT will air an interview with Demy, the 2017 Greek representative in the Eurovision Song Contest. Yes, just an interview and no songs. You can watch the show live on The songs will be revealed in February in a special Greek final show, not a live event like in the previous years and within the show Greeks will be able to tele vote for them (no jury). It will be revealed that Demy along with the GDT (Greek Dream Team) ... | read the full story here

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Stereo Soul wish the best for Demy and set eyes for 2018

GREECE – Stereo Soul duo lost the battle for Eurovision 2017 but they surely are not disappointed. Through Facebook they reacted to the news about Demy representing Greece this year wishing the best to her and the country and will do give a shot next year. It was quite a surprise for most Eurofans when Stereo Soul name leaked as one of the finalists in the ERT internal selection as they are recently introduced to the Greek music scene, without any discography except few live gigs, ... | read the full story here

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Greece 2017: the official ERT press release

GREECE – ERT officially now confirms the information we all published today about Demy and the Dream Team, Dimitris Kontopoulos, Fokas Evangelinos. According to the release ERT internally selected Dimtiris Kontopoulos and Fokas Evangelinos to compose the Greek entry for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. The team appoints Demy as the most appropriate for them performer for their project. There will be public opinion involved in the final song decision. There will be a televised ... | read the full story here

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Greece 2017: Demy and the Dream Team to Kyiv

GREECE – The news are out: ERT is about to officially announce that Dimitris Kontopoulos and Fokas Evangelinos are selected internally to represent Greece in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. The dream duo with a successful history in the contest (imagine their worst participation came 7th in the 2009 Eurovision edition) are going to announce Demy as their project performer. There seems to be three songs for Demy, which will be somehow presented to the public (not in a national song ... | read the full story here

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Eurovision Telegram: one more out from A Dal, Ireland confirms JESC participation, Swiss line up revealed

IRELAND – TG4 confirmed participation to the 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest which most likely will take place in Tbilisi, Georgia. The confirmation made through the social media and soon there will be information on website on how the Irish hopefuls can apply HUNGARY – After yesterday’s disqualification of Jetlag from A Dal 2017, who is being replaced by Chase, Szabyest also has been disqualified, so his song “Szerelem kell” won’t be ... | read the full story here

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Potential Demy participation in #Eurovision brings Greece back on the map

GREECE – Few days before the final ERT decision for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, the betting odds bring Greece in the top five of the bets when even yesterday the country was in the 17th position. Why is that? The only explanation is the rumours about Demy representing Greece in Kyiv. While Demy and Stereo Soul are the final two bids for ERT to decide according to all information given, Demy’s bid seems to bring Greece back on the Eurovision map as a favourite. This reminds us ... | read the full story here

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