Cyprus 2017: CyBC presents Hovig for Kyiv (video)

CYPRUS – Cypriot national broadcaster confirmed today the information published first. Hovig Demerjan will represent Cyprus in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest with a song penned again this year by Thomas G:son from Sweden. The famous Swedish and Melodifestivalen composer will compose again the Cypriot entry just like last year with Minus One, while for sure Cyprus can count on the Armenian votes and diaspora support due to the singer’s descent. 💙💙 ... | read the full story here

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Cyprus 2017: Hovig to represent the island of Aphrodite in Kyiv

CYPRUS – After last night’s post on revealing the photo session post of Hovig and today’s publication by Phileleftheros newspaper, the news are confirmed. The team of can officially confirm (through CyBC sources) that the representative of Cyprus in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest is indeed Hovig. For the Eurofans, the Armenian descent Hovig is known from the 2010 and 2015 national finals of Cyprus. Tomorrow at the press release by CyBC we might ... | read the full story here

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Cyprus 2017: rumour mill continues after Hovig’s weird post!

CYPRUS – No one really knows who’s the Cypriot representative for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest most of us estimating Loukas Yiorkas or at least X-Factor 2016 winner Andreas Leontas since the CyBC refers to a male representative. Yesterday a weird Facebook post uploaded online by Hovig, though: Hovig is not unknown to the Eurovision world and the Eurofans. Been of an Armenian descent, the young artist participated in the Cypriot national final in 2010 (3rd) and in 2015 achieving ... | read the full story here

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Cyprus 2017: it seems that the chosen artist is Loukas Yiokas

CYPRUS – Information, posted sketch by CyBC indicate that most likely, the 2017 Cypriot representative is going to be Loukas Yiorkas, the Cypriot singer who proudly represented Greece in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. It is no secret that CyBC is going to use traditional dance music for their entry in Kyiv if we judge by the photo. The official announcement is expected this Friday so read the news in caution! ABOUT LOUKAS Loucas Yiorkas, is a Greek-Cypriot singer and model and the ... | read the full story here

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Cyprus 2017: first rumours for CyBC internal selection

CYPRUS – This morning, Cypriot blog Showtime Cy revealed that CyBC is negotiating with two artists a potential internal selection for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. Searching the story got the information that those two names could be a former Junior Eurovision participant and a former Eurovision entrant. The two names rumoured in the news desks in Greece and Cyprus are Charis Savva and Loukas Yiorkas. We have no confirmation of the names by an official source though, so ... | read the full story here

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Cyprus 2017: familiar names discuss with CyBC for Kyiv

CYPRUS – It seems that Cyprus national broadcaster heads to internal selection for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. It wasn’t a bad choice to select Minus One last year and with less cost than holding a national selection the broadcaster is already discussing with two artists according to Showtime Cy. One of them (female) seems to have been in Junior Eurovision in the past and the other (male) has already been in Eurovision Song ... | read the full story here

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Minus One in Switzerland for Syrian Refugees concert

CYPRUS – The 2016 Cypriot representatives, Minus One are heading to Switzerland this November. Their trip has a noble cause as they will perform for charity concert in two cities. On November 4th they will perform at Kulturzentrum Schutzi in Olten and they day after at Complex457 in Zurich. Organised by Human Rights Lawyers For Syrian refugees / Volunteers for Humanity / Dr. Matthias Keller Foundation, the concert will be limited to 1,000 ... | read the full story here

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