Cyprus 2017: photo impressions from the video clip shooting

Cyprus will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 scheduled to take place in Kiev, Ukraine, in May 2017. The Cypriot broadcaster Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) will be responsible for selecting their entry for the contest, and announced on 19 October 2016 that they would be making their selection internally on 21 October 2016. CyBC selected songwriter Thomas G:Son to compose the entry and the singer Hovig to sing the song. Just like the previous two Cypriot entrants, the ... | read the full story here

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Hovig visits Yerevan, praised them all and then everyone lived happily ever after!

ARMENIA – There are moments where you see that a promo visit is made for practically nothing. OK we got the idea, Hovig will easily fight for the Armenian 12 points next May in Kyiv as he is of Armenian descent. He is currently in Yerevan the capital of Armenia. Speaking to of course he said the best for the two finalists in the national selection Depi Evratesil and he also “knows” that whoever wins the final will do well in Eurovision. While the boring practice of ... | read the full story here

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Big debate in Cyprus over spendings; JESC 2016 fee revealed

CYPRUS – Although no accurate number reported, watching the Top 25 programs of the week on AGB Nielsen Cyprus we can see that Junior Eurovision was surely below 7% of TV rates with less than 55,000 viewers for sure. You can read more on the TV ratings here. In the meantime local press report that there is a major debate in Cyprus over CyBC budget. Among information given by the national broadcaster it was revealed that Junior Eurovision 2016 cost 30,000 Euros to participate and broadcast ... | read the full story here

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November 17: George proves he is a great dancer (only)

VOTE IN JUNIOR EUROPREDICTION OLIVIER’S VIEW George is definitely an act to remember. It’s soooo powerful, and the boy is an incredible performer. The stage is actually turned into a dance floor, and the outcome on screen is just perfect. I must say I’m not a big fan of the song itself. Even though I love the musical parts of the track, I’m not convinced by George’s singing. Anyhow, Cyprus (just like Poland and Israel) should have a quite successful come-back and it is well ... | read the full story here

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November 15: First Rehearsal of Cyprus

CYPRUS – Time for some Cypriot techno now with talented George. Given what we see on screen, those who expected a powerful performance from the young singer won’t be disappointed! Drums, dancers, flames on LED screens, incredible use of lights and A LOT of dancing! George opens his act by “playing” the drum before dancing all over the stage for 3 minutes. A true dance act here, that is clearly focusing on the boy’s entertaining skills. Just like a Cypriot version of Timberlake. ... | read the full story here

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Cyprus 2017: Hovig & Thomas G:son press conference on Thursday

CYPRUS – We already know that Hovig will represent Cyprus in Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv and we know that Swedish songwriter Thomas G:son will make the song. On Thursday we might know a bit more when Hovig and Thomas G:son will hold a press conference at the night club RED on 21:15. After the press conference Hovig will perform live. Will we hear Hovig’s song for Kyiv for the very first time? We will know on ... | read the full story here

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JESC 2016: George Michaelides will celebrate with us at OIKOTIMES20YEARS gathering

CYPRUS – It was a pleasure to see that the amazing and talented Cypriot participant, George Michaelides, who will surely impress everyone on November 20th with his stage skills and performance, confirmed participation in our gathering cocktail party at the Hotel Excelsior Malta on November 16th at 20:00 local time. George will also be joined by Ruslan and Alexander from Belarus, Sofia from Ukraine, Gaia and Destiny, the Maltese wonders who brought two trophies to their country in Junior ... | read the full story here

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JESC 2016: oikopanel is back and Ruslan reviews Bulgaria, The Netherlands and Cyprus

REVIEW by RUSLAN Bulgaria: So cute girl with so special voice. Sounds like an older teenager its make her more interesting, real magic The Netherlands: Nice trio, strong vocals, good style, charismatic singers, the have got everything, that one of favorite participants need to have, but live performance will show us everything. I thing its gonna be so special and interesting. Cyprus: Wow. I thought that he is my bro! Cool voice and dance skills, so modern. Nice INFORMATION about ... | read the full story here

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