JESC 2016: Alexander Minyonok wins Belarusian national final

BELARUS – It was an exciting national selection in Belarus as two kids tied for winning the ticket to Malta’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Olga Konovalova and Alexander Minyonok ended up in a tie after jury and public voting while they were competing in a ten bidders line up. Although Olga Konovalova won the public voting, due to jury voting there was a tie with Alexander and the jury resolved it in favour of the later. Therefore “Muzyka Tvoikh Pobed” will be the song ... | read the full story here

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JESC 2016: listen to the Belarusian hopefuls for Malta

BELARUS – The 2016 Belarusian national final will take place on August 26th and already the national broadcaster revealed the participants and their songs. Below you can listen to the 10 hopefuls for Malta and have a say in the comments below for your own favourite. The videos below show the artists presenting their songs in the BTRC morning show while the rehearsals are ongoing. The ten hopefuls selected out of 45 submissions and the result will be decided by jury and public voting on ... | read the full story here

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Watch Slavianski Bazaar 2016 and Eurostar performances

EURONEWS.COM REPORTS – Have you ever heard a Mexican sing in Russian? Well, this is what it sounds like. Or does it sound familiar to you when an Italian sings in Ukrainian? At the “Slavianski Bazaar” festival in the Belarusian city of Vitebsk, performances such as these have been part of the show for 25 years. Italy’s Eleonora Vecchio explains the difficulty of singing in a Slavic language: “They have sounds that we in Italy do not have. I spent a long time with the speakers on ... | read the full story here

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Will Alyona Lanskaya return to Eurovision 2017?

BELARUS – Solayoh girl, Alyona Lanskaya revealed in recent interview to Komsomolskaya Prvada that she is discussing potential return to the Eurovision Song Contest as of 2017. I am proud that I was able to get to this competition: even if it was the third attempt. […] Now I have a lot of fans and abroad. The song “Solayoh” is still popular in Turkey . And in Spain under my song passes the city parade. Now that the time has passed, I can confidently say that I’m once again ... | read the full story here

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JESC 2016: Belarusian final underway; date and draw announced

BELARUS – Belarusian national broadcaster conducted the draw for the running order of the JESC national selection the final of which is set for August 26th in Minsk. The songs will be revealed in the upcoming weeks. The running order has as follows: Mariya Magilnaya Show Group – So-Ni-Ka Yelena Titova Yuliya Mozhilovskaya Stefaniya Sokolova Group – Neskuchnyy vozrast Mariya Zhilina Zinaida Kupriyanovich Olga Konovalova Aleksandr ... | read the full story here

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Turmoil in Slavianski Bazaar; Jamala excluded from the event

BELARUS – Russian magazine reports that Belarusian organisers of Slavianski Bazaar which kicks of on July 14th removed Jamala from the line up of the performers and invited the Russian Eurovision 2016 representative Sergey Lazarev instead. According to the magazine the problems were two: the extreme demands of the singer to attend the event and the political complications which could be created especially while Ukraine and Russia are still in dispute. Eurovision winner is usually ... | read the full story here

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Junior Eurovision 2016: Belarusian and Dutch news

BELARUS – Belarusian national broadcaster announced today the 10 finalists for the Junior Eurovision national final after holding the final auditions from the 45 submitted entrants. You can see familiar names in the line up such as Yuliya Mozhilovskaya (2013), Elena Titova (2014), Group “Neskuchniy Vozrast” (2015), Zinaida Kupriyanovich (2015) and Mariya Magilnaya (2015) while there are New Wave Junior participants: Zinaida Kupriyanovich and Alexander Minyonok. Now we are gearing up ... | read the full story here

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