Sirusho released her new song on February 19

ARMENIA – Sirusho released her new song on February 19. The song captures a story of an exile, and a story of a million crying souls… Sirusho’s constant research on the history of Armenian Genocide and numerous survivor testimonies became the driving force behind the lyrics and music of “Der Zor”. An Armenian girl who recalls her father’s commandments, sings about her lost home. The music video was shot in two parts: at the ruins of ancient Armenian capital Ani and in ... | read the full story here

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Armenia 2017: Artsvik to fly the flag in Kyiv

ARMENIA – Three months and the trip has ended. The winner of Depi Evratsil is declared and its Artsvik Arutunyan. Artsvik won by landslide as she got 71% of the public and jury vote. She was one of the two finalists with Marta. Marta sang her rendition of Rihanna’s “Please don’t stop the music” and “Only Girl”, and Artsvik sang Whitney Houston’s “I have nothing”. In the jury vote Marta got 19% and Artsvik 31%, in the public vote Marta got 10% and Artsvik 40%. In the ... | read the full story here

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Hovig visits Yerevan, praised them all and then everyone lived happily ever after!

ARMENIA – There are moments where you see that a promo visit is made for practically nothing. OK we got the idea, Hovig will easily fight for the Armenian 12 points next May in Kyiv as he is of Armenian descent. He is currently in Yerevan the capital of Armenia. Speaking to of course he said the best for the two finalists in the national selection Depi Evratesil and he also “knows” that whoever wins the final will do well in Eurovision. While the boring practice of ... | read the full story here

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Armenia 2017: Arstvik and Marta to the final

ARMENIA – After three months, Depi Evratpesil is about to have its winner. Next week we will know the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest representative of Armenia as Arstvik and Marta are the two finalists, qualified in last night’s second semi final of the show. Next week we will find out the winner upon a decision of the jury and public voting but the song will be decided and revealed later ... | read the full story here

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Armenia 2017: Christer Björkman head of international jury

ARMENIA – Armenian national broadcaster announced SVT’s Christer Björkman as head of the international jury at tomorrow’s second semi final of Depi Evratesil, the show through which the country will decide its representative for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. The show will be aired on December 17th at 19:30 CET with Artsvik, Suzanna Melkonyan, Martha and Egine fighting for the ticket to the final which is set for December 24th. During the second semi final there will be ... | read the full story here

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Armenia 2017: a step closer to the final six in tonight’s show

ARMENIA – Tonight another episode of Depi Evratpesil, the marathon show through which Armenia will decide its artist for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest will be aired at 19:00 CET through Tonight each jury member will put their two artists each in the battle for proceeding to the next phase. We already know from a photo leaked on our news desk that in the end there will be five female and one male artist for the final selection, with Lucy tipped to be the winner and final ... | read the full story here

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November 18: Anahit and Mary bring fresh air on stage

VOTE IN JUNIOR EUROPREDICTION OLIVIER’S VIEW Back to the 2010’s now with the Armenian entrants! I like this entry since it is perfect for Junior Eurovision without being childish at all. Modern, catchy and nice energetic backgrounds. The girls have strong voices and the dancing act is very pleasant on screen. Since Armenia often does well at Junior Eurovision, I can’t see why “Tarber” would be the exception to the rule actually, even though I must admit the tune is a bit ... | read the full story here

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JESC 2016: First Rehearsal of Armenia

ARMENIA – The energetic Armenian act is on stage now (after a few false starts again). 4 dancers are with the girls before a bright modern background. The vocals are as strong as expected and this is a very professional and confident performance. You can’t help but clap at the sound of the music. That could do very well on the big day. SUPPORT ARMENIA IN JUNIOR EUROPREDICTION ... | read the full story here

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Music Award for Sirusho (Armenia 2008)

ARMENIA – The 2008 Armenian representative Sirusho has won the Preacher of National Values award at the Pan Armenian Entertainment Awards. The award is given to Armenians for an outstanding dedication to the country and Sirusho has been awarded the prize for her humanitarian beliefs and values and feelings towards the Armenian people. In 2008 Sirusho represented Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Qele Qele” which came in fourth, the country’s best place in the ... | read the full story here

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