Car Accidents in Brooklyn: How to Protect Yourself as a Victim

Every year, hundreds of car accidents occur in Brooklyn and many of them result in serious injuries and even fatalities. For victims, navigating the car accident claim process is complicated. After a car crash, it can be difficult for them to make the right decisions. Thus, they need to speak with a Brooklyn car accident lawyer to know their legal rights and options. Although car accidents are often unpredictable, there are steps victims can take to maintain their safety after a crash. These steps include the following:

Check for Injuries

After a car crash, those involved should check themselves and their passengers for any injury. When someone is injured, they should call the police right away and ask for medical assistance. No matter the type of injury and its seriousness, victims must let law enforcement know about the crash since insurance providers will look for police reports when evaluating claims.

Get Yourself to Safety

If you can move, go to the side of the road. When it is safe to drive your car that may be causing a hazard to its location, pull it to a side of the road. If it is not safe, just leave the car to its location and get yourself to safety.

Exchange Information with the Other Party Involved

Once you have ensured everyone in your car is not injured, approach the other driver to exchange contact and insurance information. You need to get information such as the driver’s full name and contact number, driver’s license and license plate, insurance company name and policy number, vehicle specs, and accident location.

As you approach the driver and go over the facts, do not discuss fault. Once you file a claim against their insurer, the company’s adjuster will review your claim and determine who caused the crash based on information all parties have provided, vehicle inspection, and any supporting document.

Document the Crash

To protect yourself after a Brooklyn crash, you need to identify the officers who have responded to the incident. Also, get a copy of the official report they will file. If possible, take photos of the crash scene and the vehicles involved from various angles to show the damage they suffer. Also, consider taking photos of the license plate of the other vehicle. In addition, get the names and contact information of any witnesses to the crash. Your lawyer will conduct interviews with them to get their version of the story to support your claim.