The glamorous French Mediterrenean coast skylined the 4th Eurovision Song Contest, which was held in sunny Cannes. 73 minutes live from Cannes. The Eurovision Song Contest of 1959 welcomed the small principality of Monaco. Moreover, the United Kingdom re-entered the contest after one year of absence, and Luxembourg decided not to participate. A new rule was introduced to this fourth Eurovision Song Contest; music experts were not allowed into the national juries any longer, but other than that, the same voting system as in 1957 and 1958 was applied.

The Netherlands won for already the second time in the short history of the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Net Als Toen performed by Teddy Scholten. The lyrics of the song were written by Willy van Hemert, who also wrote the winning song of 1957. The winner was once again outscored by Domenico Modugno though who got yet another world-wide hit with his Italian entry Piove – which is better known under the title Ciao Ciao Bambina.


01 France Jean Philippe Oui, Oui, Oui, Oui 015 03
02 Denmark Birthe Wilke Uh-jeg Ville Ønske Jeg Var Dig 012 05
03 Italy Domenico Modugno Piove 009 06
04 Monaco Jacques Pills Mon Ami Pierrot 001 11
05 Netherlands Teddy Scholten Een Beetje 021 01
06 Germany Alice and Ellen Kessler Heut’ Woll’n Wir Tanzen Geh’n 005 08
07 Sweden Brita Borg Augustin 004 09
08 Switzerland Christa Williams Irgendwoher 014 04
09 Austria Ferry Graf Der K. Und K. Kalypso Aus Wien 004 09
10 Un. Kingdom Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson Sing Little Birdie 016 02
11 Belgium Bob Benny Hou Toch Van Mij 009 06

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