• Al Su 12 months ago

    Bullshit. No one may push a country to break its law, even EBU

  • mad888888 12 months ago

    If Yulia Samoilova arrives then she is shot near the hotel so let her stay at home if life is expensive ….. Vassals of Russia is Greece Cyprus Belarus Hungary Bulgaria Bulgaria Italy Netherlands

  • Mark Filin (@mark_filin) 12 months ago

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYD5WFnWkYA Sharij exposed hypocrasy of such ‘Ukrainian law’ allowing Comedy woman to do concert in Kiev, after they did it in Crimea. So who is doing this so called provocation? Ukraine is not lawful country and should not have won with political song 1944 in any case.

  • Eltsy (@verybigwow) 12 months ago

    It looks like EBU is paid by Russia.

  • Кулекмиджаныбердыефф (@1lufer1) 12 months ago

    as if we lived well, had it not been for Russia, but then all sins would have been to blame Ukraine

  • ceaiton (@Grombll) 12 months ago

    How much money Putin paid to leaders EBU?

  • lvp1 12 months ago

    EBU rules can not be higher than the laws of Ukraine. Samoylova is a criminal.

  • Ramin Melikov (@ramin_melikov) 12 months ago

    The Comedy Woman group had a concert last night in Ukraine’s top avenue in Kiev. They had a concert in Crimea not long ago and they even sang a song about Putin. So much for Ukrainian law.

  • Andrij Fedoruk (@Andrii555) 12 months ago

    Samoylova not only violated Ukrainian law by illegally visiting occupied Crimea, she also openly and clearly expresses her anti-Ukrainian beleifes in media and social networks.
    EBU would behave wisely to ban Samoylova as EBU banned Georgians from Moscow in 2009 as a person clearly hostile to the receiving country.

  • Miško brolis (@misko_brolis) 12 months ago


  • beccaboo1212 12 months ago

    No one deserves to withdraw. Furthermore, the Ukrainian government’s behavior is even worse than I expect. I never expected such inappropriate behavior like this. Man, I hope the Ukrainian authorities apologize! 🙁

  • thaecc 12 months ago

    Russia banned Georgia singer several years ago because of politics. Why it wasn’t the issue then?

  • jeffthelawer 12 months ago

    “If Ukrainians wanted to implement the law they should deny hosting the event” – that’s what the whole story is about, Russians sent the artist to put Ukraine into an awkward situation, it looks pretty clear. As to the “danger” of visiting Kyiv to anyone – that is not true. Many people in Kyiv speak Russian in everyday life, and many Russians go to Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities. The only requirement would be to behave like a civilized person and not to insult Ukrainians verbally or in any other way. You can speak Russian or whatever, it does not matter.

  • Stas (@dkstanic) 12 months ago

    WTF???According to the Ukrainian law she is a criminal!!!Why should it be allowed into our country???We already have enough Russian military in the east of the country!!!!!

  • lanshakov 12 months ago

    One thing is for sure It’s rather dangerous for Julia to go in Kyiv. Better skip the contest this year

  • Kostya Ostenbaken (@Ostenbaken_Rock) 12 months ago

    So take yourself or give the Muscovites their Eurovision was postponed by Kremlin!

  • jeffthelawer 12 months ago

    But what about the UKRAINIAN LAW, why not send anyone who did not break it. The Russian artist visited the Crimea after it had been unlawfully annexed by Russia in 2014, and she cannot enter Ukraine as per their national law. It definitely looks like a provocation on the part of Moscow.

    • Fotis Konstantopoulos (Greece) 12 months ago

      Ukraine accepted last May to host an international event affirming its respect to EBU rules that anyone wishing to participate is accepted by default
      If Ukrainians wanted to implement the law they should deny hosting the event

    • Fotis Konstantopoulos (Greece) 12 months ago

      End of story

  • Doc Holliday (@collietab) 12 months ago

    ppz. 5!!!