KYIV, UKRAINE – Disturbing news reach this morning. The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 might not go on air this Saturday because of a big lie from NTU’s President Oleksandr Panteleymonov.

NTU has promised the European production team to pay them before the show takes place. There were several promises for payment which proven to be a lie.

We reached information from teachnicians and members of the production threatening already to go on strike if the problem is not solved by today. Last night Oleksandr Panteleymonov finally promised for a third time to solve the payment thing once again. So today we will find out if the whole thing will be settled.

Somehow Oleksandr Panteleymonov’s ‘promise’ tonight seemed to have worked. The production company has agreed that the show will go on no matter what (even though they have to find the money in the meantime which is very unfair and unprofessional) and that he will stop their staff from striking. How exactly we don’t know.

European production team is financing the show under it’s own pocket at the moment and EBU along with NTU’s Victoria Romanova are the only ones trying to save the entire project. We noticed last night on EBU’s Junior Eurovision Supervisor Vlad Yakovlev just thanking Victoria Romanova instead anyone else from NTU.

Will Junior Eurovision be aired on Saturday? No one knows yet!

EBU and NTU are not commenting the information officially

On an update from secure sources it is clear that EBU and the European production team will make sure the show will go. If the economic problems will not be resolved before the show, EBU is about to call Ukraine for further explanation and very severe penalties.

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