BONNIE TYLER61 year old UK representative is in full swing of her preparations for the big night. Bonnie feels sorry because BBC didn’t manage to get tickets for her parents and thus, they well have to cheer for their daughter from home.

Worldwide known star shot her postcard at the Langland bay with Swedish crew but also talked about her global hits “Total Eclips Of The Heart” and “Hero”. Bonnie compared her fame with One Directon’s as they are well known in the States, like she is through Europe, but mostly in UK, France, Germany, Spain and Scandinavia. She also said that her song is really strong and that she hopes that she will win the contest with her carrier helping her.

Bonnie will also host a Q&A interview, as part of promoting her entry, at Twitter this Monday at 16.00 CET. If you want to ask her anything tweet at @BonnieTOfficial with hashtag #askBonnie and she will do her best to answer all the questions.

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