PLYMOUTH, THE UNITED KINGDOM – Blue – aka Antony Costa, Duncan James, Lee Ryan and Simon Webbe – reunited four years ago to represent the UK for Eurovision 2011.

After forming at the turn of the millennium, the lads became one of the biggest R&B pop sensations on the planet, enjoying three number-one albums with All Rise, One Love and Guilty, bagging a couple of Brit awards and shifting 13 million records in the process.

They boys took a break back in 2005 and, after Eurovision, were back on the record in 2013 with Roulette.

That album deals with rather more adult themes and contains the odd parental advisory lyric.

“Blue were never very clean-cut,” explains Duncan, “the name says it all really.

“In our day we got up to all sorts of mischief. But we’re much more responsible now.

“We’ve all got children but we’ve all been through trials and tribulations, had our hearts broken.

“We wanted to make an album about us and about what we’ve been through.”

The album was released on the continent, in January, before finally making it to British stores in April 2013.

“Europe opened its doors for us straight after Eurovision, Germany were first to jump on board, then the rest of Europe followed.”

Despite coming only 11th in Eurovision, it seems that the TV exposure did them no harm whatsoever, but even more helpful was their inclusion on ITV’s Big Reunion, which gave them the added impetus required to kick start their career back here.

“Of course we’re nervous,” says Anthony, “We’ve spent our whole lives being nervous, we know we can’t take things for granted.

“We’re looking at ourselves as a new band now, wanting to reconnect with our fans.”

The quartet will be heading out in December in support of Wet Wet Wet, but they’re currently part way through an extensive tour of the UK, that stops at Plymouth Pavilions next Thursday.

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