Biography of Kenny Everett

Kenny Everett

Only a few people can live a lifestyle that is spoken about years later. Kenny Everett is certainly one of them. Kenny Everett started out as a DJ in the early 1960s. However, his story was far from ordinary…

Kenny Everett followed his passion for music and a dream to become a DJ. He sent in mixed tapes to the top radio stations at the time, and eventually got hired by one of the top pirate Radio stations named Radio London in 1964. And four years later, his official career as a DJ with BBC Radio 1 started. From then on, Kenny Everett conquered the world of Radio.

Life on the Radio

On radio, Kenny Everett was a revered voice – his radio shows, which included lunchtime shows and musical programs, gathered huge audiences. Kenny Everett was able to easily hold his audience spellbound with good music and his weird sense of humour.

Before securing an official job with BBC Radio 1, Kenny Everett attempted to run his own pirate radio station in 1966 called “Radio Luxembourg”.

Eventually, he gained his big break on BBC Radio 1, and built up quite a following. As well as radio broadcasting, he was known to create advertisement jingles and voice-overs. He also won a Gold Award at the Sony Radio Academy Awards.

It was impossible to ignore this versatile and talented radio broadcaster, and it did not take long before Kenny Everett featured on TV aswell…

Career on TV

After earning a title as one of the most popular radio personalities, Kenny Everett went on to become a notable face on TV across the UK.

Kenny Everett was featured on TV chat shows, and he later launched two TV shows named “The Kenny Everett Video Show”, and “The Kenny Everett TV show”.

It was an exciting viewing experience for many, trying to keep up with the funny, unpredictable, and bold character that Kenny Everett portrayed. While it seemed like Kenny was enjoying the attention drawn by his complicated character, inside, he fought many battles.

Personal Life of Kenny Everett

Kenny Everett was married to Lee Middleton for over a decade. However, he eventually came out as gay. Kenny Everett had made two attempts to end his life. He later revealed that those incidents happened due to his conflicting sexual preferences, and his fight to deny how he really felt regarding his sexuality.

After coming out as gay, there was a mixed reaction from Kenny Everett’s audience. Unperturbed by the harsh words, Everett publicly participated in rallies and protests demanding gay rights.

Kenny Everett’s controversial views regarding politics, his support for the Conservatives, and rude jokes did not go unnoticed. He was fired for different types of misconducts and rude comments, but Kenny Everett always found his way back to the media.

The Final Days of Kenny Everett

In 1993, at the age of 48, Kenny Everett announced that he was HIV positive. He found out that he had contracted the virus at the age of 44. Kenny Everett continued working as a radio broadcaster, until his death in 1995, from a HIV related illness. His life is still celebrated by many today, and his legacy will not be forgotten…